10 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO (Checklist)

Let’s face it, without optimizing your made or written stuff, be it a mobile app, website, blog, or anything that may live in the vicinity of the internet, it may never survive and may get sucked deep into a dark place with rock-bottom possibilities to be discovered. Thus, optimization is as important as the idea of inventing the product in the first place.

Building an app is easy due to the reduced affordable app development cost schemes that custom software development companies offer. But optimizing an app to be on top of eminent app stores lists is the actual bull to deal with. The same goes for your blog. You have to optimize it if you want it to be read. Not to mention the internet is an endless space; however, you need to optimize your blog posts to make them surf on the internet, although you can optimize your old blog posts to keep them in the hunted loops.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a fundamental role in ranking your blog post and keeping it entrenched with tons of traffic. While you must have searched for tips for optimizing your blog post, I assure you; you have come to the right place. KEEP READING!

This written piece aims at catering to you the top 11 best SEO tips to help you optimize your blog posts like an SEO PRO.

Let’s dive right into it!

Top 10 SEO Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts

1 – Keywords Research

If you don’t know what keywords are –they are ideas/topics that exactly your content is about. While in SEO, keywords are the most searched phrases in an eminent search engine. I HOPE YOU GOT IT!

So, you need to plan your content with proper keyword research and then write it respectively or add keywords later on. However, many beginners assume and write about a topic that their readers might be interested in. But, we both know it, it’s not like that – that’s just a blind shot to the target.

Keyword Research is a technique followed by SEO experts and content creators. You may have assumed at some point, how come some content is so trending? Well, that’s because these contents have the backing of a good SEO. Keyword research helps you find out what users are interested in – what they search mostly. And using those searched words, aka keywords, will help you optimize your blog posts significantly.

Keep in mind, tip number one for blog post optimization is doing keywords research relating to your topic and using them in your content.

2 – Research Semantic Keywords

After doing your keyword research or the focus keyword, it’s time to research for the semantic keywords. You may wonder – what are semantic keywords? Don’t sweat it! It’s easy. When you chatter about semantic keywords in terms of SEO, that means you’re referring to the actual keywords that are theoretically linked with the genuine keywords. BOOM! Case Closed. But seriously though, do you know it now? Okay. Let’s explore it by giving you an example.

As I said, semantic keywords refer to the meaning and intent behind a specific keyword phrase. For instance, one has searched for “pizza”; now that could mean anything, like, looking for great pizza places to eat, pizza recipes, or pizza delivery phone numbers. Now that’s up to you to figure that out. Typically, when you search for something on Google, it’ll also provide you with some related information about it. That’s the work of semantic keywords. However, it’s imperative to merge some of these (semantic keywords) into your content to optimize it.

Reminder, tip number two is to find semantic keywords for your focus keywords and stuff them in your blog post.

3 – Effective Title

Oh yes! The title. The most important thing that is key to optimizing your blog post is an Effective Blog Post Title. Keep in mind, a good blog post title makes your post more relative to the search inquiry.

optimizing your content

A compelling title encourages users to click on your blog post than others. This is why you need to make your blog post title SEO-friendly using the focus keyword in it. Of course, having a compelling blog post title involves many things, such as powerful and catchy words, emotionally intriguing, or any sensational headline. Nevertheless, you can even check your title’s EMV score from this Headline Analyzer Tool.

So, what’s tip number three? Use an effective blog post title to optimize your blog post and make it appear in the relevant searched results.

4 – Internal linking

Internal linking is the process of directing new readers to your old content. This process seems to be very effective in engaging more users into your website, although it’s a great way to build contextual relationships among your past and present blog posts. A way around this can be very effective, too, such as editing your old trending content by adding new post links. However, that perhaps makes way for newer blog posts that may not have been as optimized as your older ones.

Besides, you can make internal linking a habit for you and use them when necessary. For instance, you might have mentioned something related to your older posts, and then at that point, you can add your links and say more detail – check this out.

Tip number four – make internal linking a habit.

5 – Use Pictures and Videos to Your Blog Posts

The more visualized the blog post is, the more interesting it can be to readers, although it’s not an SEO-linked concept. But when it comes to making things fascinating and engaging, images and videos play the most vital roles. More importantly, you need to use genuine and optimized images in your blog posts. Nevertheless, you can use many online tools that can help you optimize your blog images.

Furthermore, you should use videos to give your blog post a more classic and professional look – videos relating to demonstrating technical or complex aspects of your blog.

Tip number five – add images and videos to your blog posts to make them more exciting and sleeker.

6 – Meta Description

The Meta Description is a short definition of your blog for search engines and internet surfers. Using a meta description in your blog is vital and can be effective at times, although some SEO experts believe that meta description is neither here nor there. Meaning, not practical. But i believe it does influence your blog post to some extent as it defines your entire blog in a few sentences. Besides, you can use the meta description to popular QA platforms such as Reddit and Quora and link your blog post to that meta description – one of the popular marketing techniques.

Furthermore, you can even share your blog post link along with the meta description to social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) for promotion. Typically, the meta description character limit is 155. Therefore, you shouldn’t use more than that of the character limit.

Tip number six – include a meta description to your blog post.

7 – Easy and Readable

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means wonderful. See, simplicity is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Sorry! Simplicity is wonderful. There you go! From all these years of blogging, I have learned to keep my blogs readable and straightforward. Even a ten-year-old child can read and understand what I’m saying in my blogs. That’s the hidden secret.

More importantly, you have a short time to convince users to stay and read more. But when they find something uncanny and out of their knowledge in your blog post – there, they go, to another blog post. Thus, you have to use the KISS principle – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (I watched this line in a movie and thought it might be helpful here).

Hence, tip number seven is making our blogs easy and readable.

8 – Organize Content with Tags and Categories

Organized content is as glossy as a heap of documents organized in alphabetical order. As a result, you can effortlessly search and find what you are looking for. The same goes for organized content with tags and categories, which sort out content for you and the search engines and readers.

Too often, you have found many blogs with a table of content in them that gives you a view of the entire blog in a short glimpse. Helpful, right?

You can organize your content through tags, sub-tags, bullets, spaces, etc.

Tip number eight – use tags and categories to organize your content for better blog optimization.

What Google mostly does is, try to answer user inquiries as fast as possible. For making this possible, Google has introduced an answer box – it will give you a result even before shifting into a link.

optimizing your content

This is an example of a highlighted search result, creating a custom snippet from the blog’s content – it’s one of their most efficient algorithms. However, Google has no precise instructions on how they would pick a featured snippet. But it’s essential to make your blog look like the given picture above somehow. Not to mention this ensure to be one of the top SEO strategies.

Tip number nine – make featuring content for a better-optimized blog post.

10 – Make Comprehensive Blog Posts

You should create comprehensive blog posts. In other words, compose a blog post including all or almost all essentials or aspects of the covering topic. That not only makes your blog all-encompassing but also makes it shareable from user to user.

While related keywords refer to various searches involving a specific topic, you can use as many variances of the keywords in your blog to make it more extensive and valuable. Additionally, it’s a good practice to use keywords in your headings and subheadings.

Know that tip number ten is making comprehensive content for more optimization.

Wrap Up

To sum up, optimization is what you need to be discoverable out there. Following the top ten tips for optimizing your content mentioned in this blog will definitely drive more traffic to your site. In this era of abundance, optimization is the key to standing out from many. Your content is excellent; worry not if it isn’t read, even though you can engrave some focus keywords and use other SEO tips to make it float above on the internet. Above all, a good SEO is the best handle to grab for being discerned more than enough.


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