How To Hack Facebook Account
How To Hack Facebook Account

How To Hack Facebook Account

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Today we are going to check out the popular phishing website called Shadowave. For those who are reading the name Shadowave for the first time. It is a very famous phishing website with lots of automated scripts. So in this article, we will find out How To Hack Facebook Account with Shadowave .

So Without Any Further Delay , let’s Begin .

Disclaimer :

Please keep in mind that it is illegal to Hack Facebook Account , and unless you have the permission of the account owner and the parties involved do not attempt to hack Facebook. This post should be used as a guide so that you can understand how hackers are accessing your accounts and different passwords. The Hacking World team will not be held responsible if any criminal charges are brought against anyone who misuses the information on this website for violating the law.

Steps To Hack Facebook Account Using Shadowave

Step 1 :- Open Shadowave Website

Go to the official website of the shadowave .

Once you open the website, you will see the options below. Click the “Sign up here” button to start the signup process. You must sign up to get all access to the phishing dashboard and links.

How To Hack Facebook Account

Step 2 :- Sign Up For Shadowave

Click on the “Sign up here” button and fill in the form that will appear on your screen. Enter your username, password, email address, age and country etc. When your signup process is complete, you will get the username and password for your shadow wave account. Do not use your real email ID to sign in. Use a fake email to create an account.

Hack Facebook Account

Step 3 :- Login To Shadowave With New Username And Password

Login to this website. You will see Scam 1 and Scam 2. You can copy phishing links from either of these two. In the left sidebar, there are a list of total victims, total phishing pages, and victims hacked today. All the data of your victims along with their email id, password, IP address etc. will be displayed to the total victims.

How To Hack Facebook Account

Step 4 :- Sending The Link

Copy any link given to your liking and send it to the victim. Choose any link that looks interesting and attractive. They should entice users to click and sign in.

How To Hack Facebook Account

Depending on your victim, select the link from Shadowave, which will be the most reassuring.

For example. Give a candy link to a candy crush player, the crush invitation will be more solid.

Note: Do not send this link to many people as Facebook will think about its spam and it will be blocked and reported.

Step 5 :- Check Your Victim

Once someone login through the link. His credibility will be credited. You can check your victim ID and password in the “My victim” section. All your hacked victims will be displayed on this page. The victims are automatically removed after 15 days. So make sure to backup.

How To Hack Facebook Account
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How Does Shadowave Works ?

Shadowave is based on phishing and sending links to victims.

Phishing is the method of obtaining a victim username and password. In this method, hackers create a phishing page, which is a malicious copy of the original page. You can create a fake phishing page of any website like Facebook, Instagram etc. And the success rate of phishing hack depends on the quality of the phishing page.

So what Shadowave does is that it offers you a free ready made phishing page. So you can simply copy the phishing link and send it to the victim’s phone or PC. Now when the victim clicks on the link, he thinks it is a real Facebook page and provides his username and password.

In Shadowow, you can also create custom pages for hacking. There is an option where you can design your custom page. Or you can just use already built pages.

When he enters his email ID and password, they are captured.

This is how Shadowave works behind the scenes to get you Facebook usernames and victims’ passwords.

Commonly Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions may come into your mind while Hack Facebook Account with shadowave. So go and check these questions and clear all you doubt about shadow wave.

Q1. Is This Hacking Tool Legal To Use On Anyone ?

No, it is not legal to use Shadow Wave to hack people. If you use it to hack someone’s Facebook account and Instagram account, then it is a criminal offense. But you can use it for testing and knowledge purposes.

Q2. Is Shadowave Was A Safe Website ?

No, this is not a secure website. Do not use your real email ID on this website. Do not enter your personal details on this site. This website does not use SSL certificate and thus can be easily hacked. Tools like zanti can easily hack it.

Q3. Can i hack facebook account using shadowave and mobile phone?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone to hack Facebook and Instagram accounts using this website mobile version. You can use any mobile browser like Chrome and Firefox.

Q4. Why is shadowave a better option to hack facebook?

There are many reasons, but the most important is that it does not require any technical knowledge. The links are updated every 6 hours. Therefore, it becomes difficult for Facebook to restrict links.

Q 5. Is the shadowave website working?

Yes, the website is fully functioning at the time of writing. The links are constantly updated. This means that the link will only be valid for 6 hours, after which you will have to send a new link.

If you have installed an adblocker extension, the site will not work. You have to disable the adblock extension and then refresh the page.

Q6. Are there any alternatives to Shadowave?

Yes there are many. The most famous is zshadow and anomor. You can also use Kali Linux to hack Facebook by creating custom phishing pages.

Q 7. My shadowave links are not working?

You may encounter these problems because the links are updated automatically every 6 hours. Try sending new links again. Hopefully, they will work.

Q8. How to restore my deleted victims list?

The list of victims is auto-deleted after 15 days. There is no such option available to recover that data. I suggest you save your victim’s username password in Notepad or by taking a screenshot.

Q9. My links are being blocked on Facebook; what do I do?

Facebook security improves every day. When you send many links from your Facebook account or Facebook page, Facebook will get suspicious. They will try to detect and block these phishing links.

what can you do:

  • You can send a phishing link to your friends via WhatsApp.
  • Send a phishing link to your friend’s email address (eg. Gmail)
  • Send phishing link via msg
  • All you need to do is some social engineering and convince the victim to click on the link.
Q 10. What is the official URL of the shadow website?

Official URL –

Q11. How to see my shadow victims

You can see the “My Victim” option of all your hack Victim as shown below

 Hack Facebook Account

Congratulations, you have successfully learned Hack Facebook Account and phishing using shadowave. This is how phishing attack works for facebook account.


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