5 Important Carrom Rules Everybody Should Know

The games Carrom should be the ones that people associate with billiards if there is such a thing. In addition to being recognized as Finger Billiards, the game has other names as well. A striker and fingers are used to play Carrom, in contrast to Billiards. In accordance with the Carrom regulations, the game should be played by either 2 or 4 players. When learning about carrom board laws and regulations, it is essential to understand how to play the game well.

Carrom has been a popular game in South Asia and India for many centuries. It has barely been such a century since people in other regions of the world began to take an interest in carrom board games. For novices, it is particularly easy to learn due to the relaxed carrom board regulations that have acquired widespread acceptance. Here are the top five carrom rules that you must know about.

1. Game’s objective 

When the game begins, the first group of players will be dealt white carrom men, while the remaining players will be dealt, black carrom men. By placing all of the carrom men in his or her pockets, a player will win. Unless and until one player gains control of the queen, however, no player may claim victory. Firstly, a player must pocket his single carrom man, and then he must cover the queen with his remaining carrom men. If the queen is just not covered during that round, it will remain on the carrom board, and the other players will attempt to cover the queen during the following turn & subsequent turns. In order to win the queen, players must attempt to cover her. According to the carrom rules, the person who successfully covers the queen receives additional points.

Important Carrom Rules

There are several variations of this game, including one-on-one contests between two players as well as tournaments in which participants compete in a series of matches in the best-of-three style. Alternatively, you may ask any of your friends or family members to participate in the game against you. You can play against complete strangers who really are active just on online carrom apps from whatever areas of the planet. In many ways, this is identical to how you would enjoy the carrom game offline, with the exception that you will need to alter your skillset to be successful in the online environment.

2. Carrom setting

As per the carrom rules, you’ll need to determine who goes first before you can begin putting up the board. Typically, the person who goes first in a game of Carrom will have a distinct edge. Even though there are a variety of methods for determining who goes first, the typical method is as follows:

Carrom Men should be held by one player in a closed hand at all times during play. It is then decided which hand is left or right by placing both hands behind the back. The person who chooses the hand holding the piece might opt to go first or second, depending on their preference. The player who has the piece has the option to select if they are mistaken.

It will then be possible to set up the board. As per the standard carrom rules, the Carrom Men bits are positioned around the Queen, which is placed in the center of the middle circle. It is necessary to position the pieces with care so that the colors alternate between each other.

3. Scoring Rules 

The winner receives one point with each of the opponent’s pieces who are still on the board whenever the game is over at the conclusion of the round. It is possible for the winner to receive 5 bonus points if he or she has fewer than 24 points and then also covers the queen; however, if the winner has 24 or more points, they will receive no bonuses. As a result, the highest possible score for a single game is 14. Although the game is played for 29 points, it will be extended for a minimum of three further games.

4. The Queen’s Rules

A red coin will be found in the center of the carrom board while you are playing professionally. You would find the white carrom men, along with black carrom men, as well as a red coin when you are playing recreationally. The red coin, often recognized as the Queen or Rani, is perhaps the most precious piece in the game and is the most valued of the three coins.

As per the International Carrom regulations, the queen holds 3 points, while other carrom men each carry 1 point. Nevertheless, in some of the variants played informally in Indian families, the players award the queen an additional 5 points. Carrom rules are also used in certain casual bouts, with 10 points awarded for every black carrom man, 20 points awarded for each white carrom man, and 50 points awarded for the queen in some instances.

It is necessary for the player to get maximum points before his or her opponent in order to win the carrom board game. Thus, in order to gain more points, the players try to collect as many coins as possible, as well as a red coin. Acquiring the queen earlier in the game may be a game-changer since it enhances the likelihood of prevailing in the tournament.

Fouls in Carrom 

  • The striker is able to get his hands in the pocket
  • It is possible to remove the striker and any other piece from the board.
  • The carrom piece of respective opponents is pocketed by the participants.
  • Except for the striker, every piece of equipment touched by the player counts.
  • Player 1 is unable to break through the carrom piece’s round center as he or she begins.

In order to avoid the penalty, players must commit a foul. Ordinarily, the player who committed the foul will have his or her pocketed piece restored to the center of the board. The player will be penalized till he or she pockets the carrom piece and if there’s no piece pocketed by him or her whenever a foul is committed.


It is critical to completely comprehend the carrom rules of a carrom game in order to succeed. It will be necessary to wait until the player pockets any men before the carrom foul regulations will be implemented. You can learn various techniques and methods both online and offline, depending on your location. You can also enjoy games on the GetMega app.

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