Instagram Picture Download Method 2022 – Top Tool For Managers

If you are a social media manager on Instagram, then you know how hard it is sometimes to find ideas for content. And in this case, you can browse the accounts of competitors in order to find ideas for content and apply them to your profile.

If you open the Instagram profile of top shops, brands, and influencers and carefully study their content, you will notice that they don’t always post only what they filmed. That is, in the travel agency feed, there may be a photo downloaded from the profile of a photographer or even a national geographer. Therefore, it’s crucial for a content manager to have 5-10 accounts at hand that can serve as a source of content. You can easily download instagram pictures with tools like Inflact – after the downloading, visuals will be displayed in their original quality on your device.

Instagram download How does it work?

To save pictures, you will need to go to the desired profile and find any publication. What kind of content can you extract from the social network?

Almost everything you see on your profile can be downloaded, even the main profile photo that is hidden in a circle, which is so difficult to see in the application. The main thing to remember is that only accounts that are not closed by privacy settings are subject to download. But you still can view and download the profile main image. 

Conveniently, you can use the advanced features of downloaders, which will allow you to collect content immediately in bulk. For example, you can archive all videos, photos, IGTV, and stories from one account.

Also among the advanced Inflact functions is monitoring and extracting stories. This allows you to get disappearing valuable content from stories even if it disappears after 24 hours. This is convenient and will allow you to spend less time in the application, but be aware of all important updates. You can also report this content in premium quality if you aim to share it again on a business profile.

When saving an archive of stories, the quality will remain at the same resolution as when uploading to a social network. Therefore, multi-content downloaders will help you find and collect relevant media for recycling and engaging followers.

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