Advance 21 Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks For Master Your Game

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PUGB or Playerunknown Battle Ground is fast becoming the most popular game in the world. You can’t miss it. You’ll find groups of people playing around the world, in cafes, in street corners, in Homes. This is a really fun way to spend time with your friends or kill some time at the end of the day.

Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

The best thing about PUBG is that it is really easy. This is a Battle Royal game, where you have landed on an island with 99 other players and the objective is to be the last person. As time progresses, the map shrinks, so you have to move continuously. PUBG is easy to raise, but not so easy to win.

Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

Here are some of the most essential advanced Pubg Tips And Tricks that will help you up the level of your Gameplay to a pro-level in PUBG Mobile.

1. Choosing Best Graphics Setting

Pubg Tips And Tricks

For every smartphone, PUBG Mobile recommends certain graphics settings for the best performance. This is not always accurate though, sometimes you will find better performance or visuals that you prefer when you stray away from PUBG Mobile’s recommendations. It is also important to know the limits of your phone.

PUBG is a mobile graphics-intensive game so if you are using an affordable phone and the graphics are set to HD or HDR and frame rates high or ultra then you will notice a lot of lag or frame drop. Therefore, choose the graphics setting accordingly. Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

To do this, tap the Settings icon> Graphics. In addition, you are advised to keep auto-adjusted graphics turned on, which automatically reduces the graphics settings in the event of a performance drop. You can change graphics to Smooth on low-end devices and some players on more expensive phones prefer the same setting because it allows them to use the highest possible frame rate setting.

2. Fast Internet

Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks Fast Internet Is The Important Factor For Winning Pubg Mobile Game And Get Chicken Dinner. If Your Internet Connection Is Slow Then You Will See That Your Ping is Going High And And You get lag Problem In Your Game.

What is Server Ping in PUBG?
Well, its the response time from the server. It is basically the time taken for bullets to fire from your phone after you push the trigger on your end.

Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

A poor ping in PUBG mobile may cause the game to lag and is very much frustrating. Ping is one term that is highly relevant and is linked very closely to the experience of online gaming. The smoothness of the game completely depends on this term and you are probably here because you are facing high ping issues in PUBG mobile.

Tips to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile:

  • The first step is to check the Internet connection speed. You must be connected to a connection that is fast enough to communicate with the server in the shortest amount of time. A better option is to take a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Close all other applications in the background and do not update anything in the background. Also, make sure that your mobile is old.
  • Update your PUBG mobile to the latest version.
  • Always connect to the nearest server. If you live in India, Asia is the best server to play. You will have a minimum of ping in Asia while the maximum in Europe and others.
  • If you are ready to play in a foreign server without compromising on the ping, consider connecting your device to a VPN to reduce ping even when playing in a foreign server.

3. Use Best Headphones

PUBG Mobile has great audio and often the speakers on your phone won’t do it justice. Connect your headphones for a more immersive experience – it also helps you pinpoint approaching enemy. It Is The Best Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

Sounds play a big role in PUBG. Whether it is voice chat, squad, or even hiking. If you are not using headphones, you will miss these signs that will help you understand where the enemy really is. So Choosing The Best Headphone Is Also Important.

4. Faster Landing And Deciding Place Carefully

Pubg Tips And Tricks

The first few seconds of the game are really important. Where you land gives you a huge leg. If you are a beginner, stay away from high traffic areas. Anytime you see a large group of buildings, it is best not to land there.

Instead, go a little further and land in a small settlement. You will still get the necessary loot and guns and it will be easy to stop other players. Start with places like Gatka and Milta. Touching the ground on the right spot is Also important as all it takes is a bullet to knock you down. Picking the right spot could be tricky as the high loot places are also the high-risk zones. There are several hot zones on each PUBG map.

5. Pick a Gun As Soon As You Spot it

As soon as you touch the ground, look for a gun and pick it up, and only then should you look for a better option. Any gun is better than bear punches.

Once you find the gun, helmet, medicine kit, and energy booster as soon as possible, do not rush to kill your enemy, first pack yourself with enough loot, and don’t forget to carry grenades and smoke. – They are very useful for end circles.

It is also worth noting here that it is also necessary to organize your bags by upgrading previous cannons and upgrading bags, and vests and helmets when you find yourself better in the game.

6. Keep an Eye Open For Other Players

When you’re looking for a new area, keep an eye on every sign of activity. If you come into a building with doors open and ammo is gone, maybe someone has gone there. They may go so far but you move slowly.

And similarly, when you are hiding in a building, or when you have been robbed, you should close the doors. This gives you an advantage and makes surprises easier. It Is Also Necessary When You Are Landing, just keep Eyes on Every Player Landing On The Same Place Where You Are landing And Seeing positions Of The Enemy Land on Safe Place. Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

7. Choosing Your Favourite And Best Weapon

Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

When you’re playing to win, you’ll need dependable tools. After a couple of games, you’ll figure out which gun you’re most comfortable with. Every game, try to find the gun and once you do, stick with it. Even if it means dropping a more advanced weapon.

Although, you will need to gain certain skills, picking a good weapon is still crucial. There are 20 weapons to choose from. The following chapter contains brief descriptions of all the weapon types available in the game. Pubg Tips And Tricks

  • Awm
  • M24
  • Kar98
  • Sks
  • Akm
  • Scar
  • M416
  • M164A
  • M249
  • Groza
  • Mk14
  • TommyGun
  • Ump45
  • uzi

8. Shoot only If Enemy is Near Or You Are Confirm

Do not go at all and pour bullets on everyone. It is a difficult task to kill a moving enemy over long distances. Therefore, press the trigger only when your target is stable otherwise, you will leave your place And Give Your Position To Enemy instead of earning Kill.

Knowing that For Newcomers in Pubg Mobile Takes Some Practise For Shooting, if you have any experience with PvP shooters, you will already have a fair understanding of the basics. Shotguns (particularly the awesome S12K) and SMG are useful for up-closure damage, assault rifles and pistols are good for mid-range fights, and sniper rifles are perfect for long-range shots.

9. Keep an eye on the map

Pubg Tips And Tricks

Always watch a minimap on your screen as it is extremely useful. By keeping an eye on the Mini Map you can learn about enemy footsteps, car movements, and the direction gunshot is exchanged. the Mini Map also provides updates related to safe zone area and timing.

Another reason for the focus on the map is one of the reasons for PUBG Mobile in particular. When people shoot at or around you, there is going to be a notification on the map in the top right corner that will tell you which direction the sound comes from. It is orange and barely noticeable, so keep an eye out.

10. Keep Changing The Armor And Helmets

The armor And Helmet in PUBG Mobile wear down as you engage in combat. So it’s best to keep switching it when the armor depletes. Even if you have to switch a higher level armor to a lower level one, it’s fine. Because the protection you get is going to be more.

Always Change Your Armour And Helmet Whenever You Will Get It. Never Pickup The Damaged helmet And Armour Always pickup Fresh Helmet And Armour And Follow Our Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

11. Use Smokes And Grenades To Take Advantage

PUBG mobiles include a variety of grenades including frag grenades, Molotov cocktails, smoke grenades, and stun grenades. These intense battles prove to be really useful to distract or cover or kill enemies during royal gameplay. Therefore, it is The Best Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks advised to keep some of them for crunch moments. When you’re in the dirt, you often won’t see your opponent for a clear shot. Try to throw grenades and they will run to avoid giving you a shot target, or you can injure or kill them.

Molotov cocktails are particularly effective if you do not know where they are. Where you have a ridge, throw a Molotov Cocktails from above. Smokes Grenades Are Useful When Your Friends Are Knock Or You Have To Go to Safezone, It Creates A Wall In Front of Your Enemy And YOu Will Able To Revive Your Teammate or Go To safe zone Or Heal.

12. Hide and peek

Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

This feature lets you peek your head from around the cover. You can take shots without exposing your whole body. But you will end up exposing your head, so just be careful. Using peak features also helps to reduce the recoil of the gun which further improves the chances of knocking down your enemy.

Just toggle to “enable” peak and fire and you’ll be able to peek around corners. Just knowing that while doing this you are far from unworthy because your head will Show Up with you, but you will see a very small target.

13. Drink energy drink and painkillers for a speed boost

You will collect energy drinks in the game. These will provide you with a slower energy recovery (about 23 percent), but if you break two cans, you’ll also get a speed boost. Need to run from a building? Need to get to the sports arena? Drink an energy drink twice before leaving.

Pubg Tips And Tricks It Also helps You In The Fighting, If You Drink Energy Drinks And Painkiller before Fighting And Full Up Your Boost You Will get Some Extra life To kill Your Enemy.

14. Don’t Loot Crates During Endgame

Looting is necessary after killing someone at the beginning of the game. But don’t do this when you’re in the last game, especially during the last circle. Once someone dies, it is essentially a call for novice players. When you go to the body, someone is waiting for a headstand.

Finally, you should never rob a player as soon as you kill them. Remember, during late games, players will be aware of any gunshots that occur. If you go into a body killing someone, chances are other players will be watching the loot box very closely.

Wait a minute and survey the area after securing a kill. Do not go for loot until you know that it is relatively safe.

15. Use voice chat to coordinate With Friends

When you are in a team, the first thing you should do is clear communication. Enable voice chat if you need to. And make sure that all the people in the squad, lands in one place, share their loot, help each other combat and heal.

The game comes with native voice chat that lets you communicate with your teammates and hunt as a team. The game will use your phone’s speaker and microphone. For best performance, we recommend connecting your phone to earphones.

16. Use exploded vehicles For Covers

Pubg Tips And Tricks

Cars in Pubg Mobile can double as good cover spots. But cars can be destroyed and if you are in the vicinity, you may also get knock-out. The trick is to destroy the car first and then use the leftovers to cover. If you are in a wide-open field, this is a good way to cover it. Bullets targeting the blast car will do nothing and you can get out of the back of the car to catch your enemies.

Alternatively, if you find a flare gun and already have everything, use the flare gun to summon a bulletproof Uz. A bullet-proof car is not only a good escape vehicle, but when the going gets tough, just hide behind it and shoot. Keep in mind that the car is not completely bullet-proof, and two or three rounds of 7.62 mm bullets will suffice to destroy it.

17. Don’t kill knocked out players immediately

When there are about 30-40 players left in the game in the middle of the round, players should not be killed immediately after hitting them. Use the Knock Out player as a player to entice others. Often, the knock out player will ask for help and soon you will come to see your teammates again.

Wait for that moment and either get them both with a grenade or spray an automatic rifle at them. Keep in mind that knocking players often try to find a hiding place and maybe away from your field-of-view. If you feel that the case is being made, take him down without waiting, otherwise, he will revive and know your situation.

18. Play On The Edge Of The Circle

This is a strategy that is easy if you are aiming to eat chicken and want to survive to the end without getting into dangerous situations. The trick here is to stay around the edge of the blue circle where enemies will usually be busy trying to avoid the blue area. The location between the white field and the blue zone at the start of the game is also a good place to start playing.

It has been warned here that when the blue zone starts closing, you have to be super aware. Keep an eye on the timer so that you can make out your escape time completely. The strategy is also useful to get some useful goals as enemies will be distracted enough to avoid the blue area. More than this, by wearing a blue dress, you can camouflage yourself with the blue area, so it is hard to spot.

19. Make good use of Training ground

Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

It is a no-brainer but an often overlooked feature of the game. Pubg Mobile has a training mode that tries to see all the guns, attachments and almost that suit you better. While it is important to be versatile and use any weapon you find in the game, the key here is to learn repetition patterns.

Guns like AKM have higher damage rates, but also higher repetitions. If you miss the repetition pattern and master the gun, you will have an edge over the others before the match begins. It takes some time and focused practice with keen observation.

It Is The Great Strategy To improve Your Gameplay And Play Like A Pro Player. Just Practise Every day Before Going To Any Match In Pubg Mobile.

20. Don’t Rush For The Supply Drops

It’s not just you, there are other players who are running for supplies and running for supply declines and you will eventually be killed. Some smart players are waiting for others to arrive at supply drops using Scope to take them out from afar. Be careful!

Only if there is nowhere around and you still have a vehicle to run after a supply drop, then move on. Or you can sit back somewhere near the box and come to rob others. From here, take them out smartly, even if they have picked up the supplies, you will get them back once they are killed.

21. When In Combat, Go Zigzag

Do not walk in a straight line when you are under fire. This is a sure-shot way of getting killed. Instead, run in a zigzag or haphazard pattern. It will take longer to cover up but you are very unlikely to die. Running towards/away from an enemy with zigzag is said to be better. Mostly because of pre-aim. He has to always adjust his aim this way at one small spot which is harder.


Players Uncounted Battleground (PUBG) remains the most popular cross-platform Battle Royal game. If you have gone through the above 21 Pubg Tips And Tricks, it will definitely help you improve your performance as a PUBG mobile player in 2020. Making adjustments to the settings, hitting the right PUBG landing spots can prove to generate yourself with the right weapons and gear. For a big help in earning your chicken food. Apart from these tricks, if you have any more interesting suggestions that we have missed, let us know by dropping a line in the comments below.

People Asked Questions

Q1. How can I improve my PUBG mobile skills?

Ans:- If You Really Want To Increase Your Pubg Mobile Skills Then You Must Read Our Pubg Tips And Tricks Above. We have Shared All The Pubg Tips And Tricks In The Above Article.

Q2. Can PUBG run on 4gb RAM?

Ans:- Yes, 4 GB of ram is enough to play Pubg. However, it relies on the processor of your smartphone. For a Pubg without any lag and frame drops in medium graphics, you need a minimum of 660 snapdragons processor.

Q3. How many ranks are there in PUBG?

Ans:- Eight There are eight major ranks in PUBG — Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror

Q4. Is PUBG safe to download?

Ans:- If you are talking about Pubg pc And Pubg Mobile, yes it is totally safe and you need a gaming pc with good specs. Install steam and buy Pubg. I think it costs about 1000rs. If you are talking about playing Pubg mobile in pc, the safest way is to use Tencent gaming buddy


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