Step By Step Guide For Software Development

The first-ever computer program was invented in the year of 1959. At that time, there was no specific development algorithm for software development. But gradually, program coding evolved and transformed into a software development cycle.

Today, software development is specific steps that a software development company follows for developing high-quality software. 

The specific steps associated with the software development include Requirement Analysis, Planning & Software Architecture Design, Software development, Testing and QA, and Deployment and Post-production. Software development is also the process of writing and keeping the source code at a much broader level.

Software development is a step-by-step process that a software development company implements from the ideation stage till finally it is launched to the market. The steps followed in software development are

  • Requirement analysis
  • Planning and Software Architecture Design
  • Software development
  • Testing and QA
  • Deployment and Post-production

Requirement Analysis

In software development, this is the very first step. At this stage, all functional and non-functional information and requirements of the product are gathered.

For doing this job, Project Managers speak to the stakeholders, do thorough research, and then create a structure of potential users by exploration works. The output of all the research work is primarily put together in a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document.

Planning and Software Architecture Design

This is the second stage which is also termed the design stage. In this stage, the team develops the visual image of the product. This stage of development is termed user interface design.

At this stage, it stands how all the users will recognize the software. However, it is much more than visuals. From interface structure to user flow convenience and general user interaction, all fall under UX design.

Among various methodologies, one of them is Agile, where the UX design follows the principle of Lean Design. This means that the application design is aimed at satisfying user needs.

Software development

In this step, a software development company gets down to coding all the concepts that are listed above. In this stage, the development team of a software development company implements all business logic, models, and service integrations that are mentioned in the previous steps.

In this stage, the whole process takes its form hence the coding stage is normally the longest. The development looks into all the requirements to develop the product that meets stakeholders’ expectations. There are different stages of development that start from Beta release moving up to production.

Testing and QA

Once the entire architecture, i.e., the API, database, etc., and the solution’s functionality are built is when the testing stage commences.

This is the QA stage where the testing team finds out and informs the problems while using the application. The testing frameworks may differ from one project to the other. This includes manual testing and automation too.

Deployment and Post-production

This is the final stage where the application is deployed on the production server. Here it covers deployment and Maintenance for keeping the system operational and updated.

To Conclude

Software development is done to meet several purposes. A Software development company follows the development life cycle mentioned above to develop software.

The most commonly developed software that a software development company develops includes Custom software developed for specific clients or organizations.

Commercial software is developed for meeting the needs of a set of particular users, and also the personalized software for meeting the requirements of personal use.

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