What is local SEO and why should you hire a company for it?

If you didn’t know this yet, Google works on algorithms that prioritize local results. Webpages with the most relevant local content rank first on the search engine results page (SERP). For instance, it will show you a famous restaurant in your city or town rather than the district or province.

If you own a small business in New York City, you should use local SEO. The city is home to more than 27 fastest-growing small businesses with over 100% growth between 2021-and 2022. Do you want your business to rank high on the list? The solution is to hire an NYC SEO company.

Hiring a company specializing in localized search results will benefit your business significantly, increase your online visibility, generate more online traffic, and attract more potential customers. What are the ways they can help you and some essential details you should know about this strategy?

Keep reading to find out.

Difference between SEO and local SEO

Even though local SEO is a part of traditional search engine optimization, they are slightly different. Google is smart, and it understands the importance of providing search results based on a specific area.

Usually, people want to find companies or services close to them for convenience, which its algorithm does.

How does it benefit local businesses?

Perhaps no other optimization strategy is more suited for small local businesses than this one, and that is why you should consider hiring a company to help you out.

Boost your online presence

The foremost reason is to boost your online presence among customers. How can you expect your brand to expand if people are unaware of it locally? For example, Google’s 2021 search data results showed “bars near me” as one of the top trending searches in New York City.

If you own a bar in a specific location close to the user, the search algorithm will show your website or business among the top searches. However, you need to use various techniques like keyword analysis, good content, local citations, and keyword integrations to achieve that.

Competing with larger brands

It is helpful while competing with larger companies. Such companies have more resources, big sales teams, and broader reach. However, they are more focused on reaching customers across a general area rather than a particular one.

Higher traffic and conversion rates

Here are some statistics that will drive home this point. 46% of all searches have a local factor in mind, while 76% of customers visited a brick and mortar store after finding it online.

About 62% of people would buy a product if they found it at a nearby store. 97% of users discover a company online rather than offline. Want to attract higher-quality traffic and more conversion rate? Ensure you rank high on local searches.

It is cost-effective

Using the best SEO practices will save you the whopping costs of traditional advertising. Traditional billboard advertising in New York costs 3,000 USD to 6,000 USD per day. Digital advertising is also costly, with pay-per-click (PPC) costing 9,000 USD to 12,000 USD per month.

How can an NYC SEO company help?

Hiring a professional SEO company has several advantages. They are generally familiar with the local customer trends and understand them better. It also makes communication easier since they offer more online and offline accessibility.

They will quickly develop a strategy since they understand the local marketing trends. Here are some strategies they might use to provide the desired results.

Keyword analysis

They will research high-ranking local keywords that represent the principal volume. Identifying those will help you create content relevant to user searches.

Keyword integration

After the required keyword analysis, they will integrate it into the HTML markup, body content, and URL structure, ensuring success with online results.


The experts will help you create unique and relevant content with the right volume that allows it to rank high on Google.

Local reviews

Google looks for consistency in information while ranking businesses in search results. Your address, phone number, company name, and details should be the same on local listings.

They will help you generate local reviews and directory listings. Most customers in New York prefer reading local reviews before buying a product and would be impressed if yours had some.

Hiring an NYC SEO company is the best way to ensure success for your local business, attract more customers, generate more online traffic, and increase local visibility.

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