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Tricky Worlds is a website where you can find in-depth guides, how-to articles, tech news, Android tips, and more. Trickyworlds.com is a growing tech blog and gaming blog that achieved an excellent level in a short amount of time. We work hard to provide you with the first and best content and satisfy your hunger for technology.

I hope you enjoy our articles as much as I enjoy writing them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

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The Man Behind This Blog – Altaf Hassan (ME)

altaf hassan

Hi, I’m Altaf Hassan Founder Of the TrickyWorlds Website. It started in 2019 and has come a long way from its beginning in Patna. When Altaf Hasan started out, his love for games, technology, and many other things forced him to start his own website. I love playing games and learning new things about Android, iPhone, and Windows.

That’s why I created this website to share information about games, Android, tech news, how-to, and Windows and also fulfill my desire to create a games and technology website.

Hence since that day, I have been working hard and trying my best to keep updating Trickyworlds with useful tech stuff.

You Can Contact Me On Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, About Me and Instagram

You can contact us via email also – ilyashassan4u@gmail.com


Altaf Hassan

(Editor, Writer & Founder)

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