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GTA V In Android, Gta V Download For Android Hello Friends, I hope you enjoying our posts. Today I am Back With Another new android game called GTA V In android. yes, you read it right GTA V In android is now accessible for android. So, without spending your time let’s get began how to download GTA V In android Free.

After viewing lots of interest in Android users towards GTA 5, Rockstar has chosen to make this game likely to run on Android OS. So they had formed and launched GTA 5 Apk in beta version. No matter it is Beta Version because it is enough for us. There are good quality graphics in the game but you just need a little good performance phone to play this game on it.

Gta V In Android

Don’t believe it is a common game like other Android Game which you usually download from Play Store. You need to download GTA V Apk  + Data + OBB file and all these require almost 3 GB storage in your phone. Shocked? But yes you must have to maintain enough storage space in your Android

Gameplay Of GTA V Android

GTA V In Android Gamers who are familiar and experienced with older GTA versions, such as GTA IV, know the story’s work in the gameplay. The purpose of the game career is based on a number of missions that also serve as a backbone for the entire plot. These missions must be completed in a sequence to advance the plot. It sounds simple and easy, but harder than it sounds. Players encounter various dynamic encounters between missions.

They have to complete a variety of quests and ventures to earn money and buy all sorts of goods to catch hold of further missions. Each player has to buy different assets and also join the stock exchange market to get some quick cash. Nearly every mission follows a basic objective of driving to a specific location, killing some armed men, gathering information, and returning home safely. It keeps getting interesting after every mission as the execution plan changes with every completed mission.

The Plot And Character

Grand Theft Auto V is set in the backdrop of 2013, all major sporting events in Los Santos, a fictional city in Los Angeles. The game revolves around the story of three main characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. The events of GTA V is similar to the earlier part.

The game begins about five years after the events of Grand Theft Auto IV, and four years after the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinese Wars. Michael is a retired professional bank robber. After an agreement with the FIB, he returns to the life of a criminal. Gta V Download For Android

Gta V In android

Nearly ten years before the events of Gta V Download For Android, three close friends risk stealing a bank near the US-Canadian border as three desperate thieves. But two of the three robbers knelt on the runway. The lucky person is Trevor. Michael has two friends and colleagues Trevor and Franklin.

Gta V Download For Android Trevor is the best friend, who is intelligent but with a strange, indecisive, and eccentric character. Franklin, a young man who can drive a supercar but has little experience in the life of the underworld.

GTA V Main Story Missions

1. Ludendorff, North Yankton

  • Prologue – In 2004, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider are stealing a bank in Ludendorff, North Yankton. After their car gets crushed by a train during their tried get away from the police, the trio must leave on foot, only for Michael and Brad to get shot, with Trevor being the only one to escape. Still, Michael is soon shown to be still alive and has faked his death.

2. Los Santos

Simeon Yetarian

  • Franklin and Lamar: Franklin Clinton and his best friend Lamar Davis need repossess a pair of high-end sports cars and deliver them to Simeon Yetarian’s dealership.
  • Repossession: Franklin and Lamar must repossess a green motorcycle for Simeon, which refers to a member of the Vagos gang.
  • Complications: Franklin has to occur in Michael’s house and steal his son’s car without doing detected by anyone on the property.

Lamar Davis

  • Chop: Lamar intends to earn some more cash by going into the kidnapping business, as he and Franklin try to kidnap a Ballas member named D.
  • The Long Stretch: Lamar and his friend Stretch, who has been discharged from prison, ask Franklin to help them on a deal with D. However when the deal sets out to be an ambuscade by the Ballas, the trio must depart from the Ballas and the cops.

Michael De Santa

  • Father/Son: Michael and Franklin try to protect the past’s son Jimmy from many of gangsters who have taken Michael’s yacht.
  • Marriage Counseling: Michael and Franklin must follow a tennis coach who had been found cheating with Michael’s wife.
  • Daddy’s Little Girl: Michael and Jimmy leave on a bike ride on Vespucci Beach where they oughta race. Later, Jimmy points Michael a boat in the ocean, where Tracey is “entertaining” some guests at a party.

Lester Crest

  • Friend Request: Looking for money to settle back Madrazo, Michael meets with his old friend Lester Crest. Before he can help him, still, he demands a favor Michael has to infiltrate the corporate headquarters of Lifeinvader
  • Casing the Jewel Store: Michael and Lester explorer out and plan a future robbery of a jewelry store to give off the former’s debts to Madrazo.
  • Carbine Rifles: Take some Carbine Rifles from the police.
  • Bugstars Equipment: Rob an exterminator van.
  • BZ Gas Grenades: Rob a van holding gas grenades.


  • The Jewel Store Job: Michael and Franklin, supported by Lester and several accessories, steal a Portola Drive jewelry store.

3. Blaine County

Trevor Philips

  • Mr. Philips: After viewing a report on the news about the jewelry store supplied robbery and recognizing Michael as one of the prisoners, Trevor kills Johnny Klebitz in an outburst and continues to kill more members
  • Nervous Ron: Trevor is angry after some members of The Lost MC vandalized his home in retaliation for his attack on them, and goes to the Sandy Shores Airfield with his friend Ron Jakowski to kill them.

Tao Cheng

  • Trevor Philips Industries: While attending with Tao Cheng and his translator to probably form a business partnership with the Los Santos Triads, Trevor takes a call from Chef who informs him that the Aztecas are invading his meth lab,
  • Crystal Maze: After realizing that the Triads have rather decided to use the O’Neil Brothers as suppliers, Trevor attacks their farmhouse, which duplicates as a meth lab, and installs fire to the place.

Trevor Philips

  • Friends Reunited: After his friend, Wade Hebert has found Michael in Los Santos, Trevor goes there with Wade to meet with his old friend, settling to destroy The Lost’s trailer park

4. Los Santos

Michael De Santa

  • Fame or Shame: After a tight restoration, Michael and Trevor discover that Tracey is working out for Fame or Shame and go to the auditions to stop her from embarrassing herself.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Dave Norton

  • Dead Man Walking: Michael rejoins with FIB agent Dave Norton, who helped him false his death nine years earlier and exposes that he robbing the jewelry store is going to cause problems for both of them.
  • Three’s Company: After attending Steve Haines, Dave’s superior, Michael is forced into working for him and must agree with Franklin and Trevor to recover Mr. K from the IAA.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • By the Book: Trevor must hurt Mr. K to obtain information that can assist Michael and Dave Norton to kill a prisoner.

Trevor Philips

  • Scouting the Port: Trevor, Wade, and Floyd scout out the Port of Los Santos in preparing for the crime of a Merryweather Security device.
  • Minisub: Rob a submarine off a freighter.
  • Cargobob: Steal the cargobob from Fort Zancudo.


  • The Merryweather Heist: Trevor, Michael and Franklin Steal Merryweather’s high-tech device, whether in the docks or away at sea, only to be forced to pay it quickly later.

Michael De Santa

  • Did Somebody Say Yoga?: Michael picks to give yoga a try with his wife and her teacher to see what it’s like. However, after Michael hits the tutor in an outbreak, and later unknowingly uses drugs while driving Jimmy to a Burger Shot.

Lamar Davis

  • Hood Safari: Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar argue their way into a cover at Grove Street after a drug deal with Ballas members goes opposite.

Devin Weston

  • I Fought the Law…: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor must Rob an Entity XF and a Cheetah for Devin Weston.
  • Eye in the Sky: Franklin and Trevor must Rob a Z-Type for Weston.
  • Deep Inside: Franklin must Rob a JB 700 for Weston.

Solomon Richards

  • Mr. Richards: Michael must convince Rocco Pelosi to accept Solomon Richards’ wishes for the movie.

Lester Crest

  • The Hotel Assassination: Franklin is urged to kill Brett Lowrey, the CEO of Bilkinton Research, to help Lester’s stock market direction. He then gets a new safehouse in Vinewood Hills.


  • Blitz Play: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor Rob agency funds from an armored car.
  • Masks: Get masks at a Vespucci Beach mask shop.
  • Boiler Suits: Purchase boiler suits at Ammu-Nation.
  • Trash Truck: Rob a garbage truck.
  • Tow Truck: Take a tow truck.

Martin Madrazo

  • Canada Libre: Michael kills down Madrazo’s cousin’s plane in order for Trevor to recover a package for Madrazo. Still, after he declines to pay them and Trevor hits him and kidnaps his wife Patricia in revenge, Michael and Trevor find themselves seized to stay out of Los Santos

5. Blaine County Missions

Trevor Philips

  • Minor Turbulence: Trevor tries to steal weaponry from a Merryweather load plane in mid-air.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • Paleto Score Setup: Michael, Trevor, and Lester explorer out the bank and police of Paleto Bay in preparing for an expected job.
  • Military Hardware: Robs the military convoy.

Trevor Philips

  • Predator: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin shoot the left O’Neil Brothers.


  • The Paleto Score: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor robbed the bank in Paleto Bay to support an attack on a research facility.

Trevor Philips

  • Derailed: Michael and Trevor capture a train to catch whatever gold or loot it holds so that they could do amends with Madrazo.

Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • Monkey Business: Michael, Dave Norton, and Steve Haines infiltrate an investigation facility to take a nerve gas, with advice from Trevor and Franklin. Then, Trevor turns Patricia to Madrazo, letting him and Michael turn to Los Santos.

6. Los Santos Missions

Trevor Philips

  • Hang Ten: After a meeting with Floyd and Debra in their home, which ends in their deaths, Trevor holds over the Vanilla Unicorn strip club.

Lester Crest

  • Surveying the Score: Michael, Franklin, Trevor, and Lester patrol out the Union Depository Tower in preparing for their extremity robbery.

Michael De Santa

  • Bury the Hatchet: Trevor moves to North Yankton to find the truth about the botched heist from nine years earlier, with Michael in the chase, trying to stop him. After seeing that Brad was killed and buried in Michael’s place, the two are ambushed by the Los Santos Triads

Devin Weston

  • PackMan: After taking the final car for Weston, Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar plan to release all the cars to Paleto Bay, despite the cops’ try to stop them.

Franklin Clinton

  • Fresh Meat: Franklin must locate and save Michael from the Triads before they murder him.

Lester Crest

  • Cleaning Out the Bureau: Michael and Lester design a future job for Steve Haines, to crash into the FIB building.
  • Fire Truck: Steal a Fire Truck.

Michael De Santa

  • Reuniting the Family: At Jimmy’s help, Michael joins the family at Dr. Friedlander’s.

Franklin Clinton

  • Architect’s Plans: Franklin watches architect Chip Peterson to a building site and takes his briefcase with the blueprints of the FIB building.


  • The Bureau Raid: Michael, Franklin, and their assistants break into the FIB Building to recover incriminating information upon Steve Haines. Michael utilizes the chance to also remove his criminal record,

Federal Investigation Bureau/Dave Norton

  • The Wrap Up: Michael joins with Dave and Haines at the Kortz Center, only for Haines to corrupt them and try to arrest them. After the trio are attacked by rival FIB members, IAA agents, and a platoon from Merryweather Security, Michael and Dave leave with Trevor’s help, who hasn’t forgotten Michael but is ready to work with him in the crime of the Union Depository

Franklin Clinton

  • Lamar Down: Franklin must go with Michael and Trevor to protect Lamar from the Ballas after being set up by Range. Then, Franklin is surrounded by Dave Norton and Steve Haines, who command that he soon shoots Trevor.

Solomon Richards

  • The Ballad of Rocco: Michael attempts and kills Rocco Pelosi and his assistant after they hit Solomon Richards in revenge for assigning Michael after them. Afterward, Solomon asks Michael for a surprise.
  • Legal Trouble: When Devin Weston tries to have the film studio closed, warning the end of production for the film he and Solomon have been doing, Michael, follows after Weston’s assistant to recover the film reel, soon ending in her unwilling death.
  • Meltdown: Michael and Jimmy visit the premiere of Meltdown. However, Devin Weston comes to talk to Michael that he sent a company of Merryweather Security to kill his family in revenge for his assistant’s death, pushing Michael to run and save them.

Lester Crest

  • Planning the Big Score: Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and Lester decide the way and crew for their expected thievery of the Union Depository.
  • Stingers: Rob a Police Transporter from the South Los Santos police station.
  • Gauntlet: Take and modify 3 Bravado Gauntlets.
  • Driller: Rob a driller from a warehouse in La Mesa.
  • Sidetracked: Take a train in Grand Senora Desert.


  • The Big Score: Michael, Trevor, Franklin, Lester, and their helpers steal four tons of gold bullion from the Union Depository Tower, leaving from Merryweather Security and the cops in the manner.

7. Endings

Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • Something Sensible: Franklin follows and kills Trevor for Steve Haines with Michael’s help, before the pair share ways and turn to their own lives (choosing Ending A).

Devin Weston

  • The Time’s Come: Franklin follows and kills Michael for Devin Weston, before turning to his old life (choosing Ending B).

Lester Crest

  • The Third Way: Declining to divulge Michael or Trevor, Franklin goes with them and Lamar to battle off many Merryweather soldiers and FIB agents trying to kill them. Franklin, Michael, and Trevor then divided up to reduce their resting enemies, killing Wei Cheng, Stretch, Steve Haines, and Devin Weston, before breaking ways and responding to their own lives but living good friends (choosing Ending C).
Gta V In android


Features of GTA V Game

  • There are High-Quality HD Graphics.
  • There is good control of Player over the Game.
  • All the Game Characters, Cars, Designs are awesome and look like real.
  • There is an awesome Vehicle driving control, it is far better than any other GTA game.
  • It has lots of interesting Missions, you will get more interested in the next one whenever any mission gets completed.


  • Android device with version 7.0 and above
  • z archiver for extraction download it from here.
  • internet connection.
App Name GTA V
Version v1.09
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 8,000,000+
Developer Rockstar Games


Gta V In android
Gta V In android
Gta V In android

GTA v Apk Features

  • Easy Map navigation
  • various kind of airplane selection
  • Crew selection
  • own method and plans
  • multiplayer support
  • car and cloths customization
  • varieties of games
  • 3 character
  • low battery consume
  • fast load time
  • cheat code support
  • VR mode
  • load and save game
  • bug fixed
  • the great soundtrack and easy sound control mode
  • high graphics
  • maximum device support
  • easy to handle
  • There are High-Quality HD Graphics.
  • There is good control of Player over the Game.
  • All the Game Characters, Cars, Designs are awesome and look as real.
  • There is an awesome Vehicle driving control, it is far better than any other GTA game.
  • It has lots of interesting Missions, you will get more interested in the next one whenever any mission gets completed.


Steps To Install Gta V In android Free.

  • First, you need to download GTA v apk and OBB from below.
  • After download open the z archiver ( download link given above ) locate the folder where you have downloaded the GTA v apk and obb.
  • Now install the apk in your device ( don’t open until all process is done).
  • After installing the apk, click on the OBB file and extract it using a z-archiver.
  • After extracting , you got a folder named “com.rusergames.gta5prologue “ .
  • Copy the file and paste in the obb folder present in internal storage < android < obb. if the obb folder not present in it then create the folder named obb.
  • Now you have successfully installed the game in your device.

Final Words

Gta V Download For Android So, this is how you install and play GTA V on any Android smartphone. I don’t think it was hard to process to make this game run on your phone. You just need to download GTA 5 Apk + Data file on your device and then unzip that file according to this article, we have shared above. If our download link is broken or not working, you can inform us in the comment section.

We will update new working download links as soon as possible. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and experience GTA V Apk on your phone. Feel free to ask your query related to this tutorial through the comment section, we will reply to you shortly.


Can I download GTA V on Android?

If you are a follower of the GTA list, you can download Gta V In android then feel it on your Android Smartphone without a PC or Console. We bring you the GTA 5 APK file, which lets you install and play games right on your mobile device.

Is GTA 5 mobile free?

Now you can download free Gta V In android phone by Gta V Download For Android file on your phone and installing it. GTA 5 is one of the most marvelous android games that you can play. You can travel the free zone of Los Santos and choose between any 3 characters in-game.

Can GTA 5 be played offline?

Moreover, you can experience everything the game has to offer without playing the multiplayer mode. Still, GTA Online, which is the multiplayer mode for GTA 5 needs you to have a working internet connection.

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