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Are You Looking For The GTA V In android Download Link? And You Have Read Many Articles On Google And Haven’t Found the Best Article That Provides The Working Download Link. And Now You Have Landed On This Article.

Then You Are At The Right Place. This Article Is Created For You. In This Article, I Have Shared The Latest And Working Download Link Of the GTA V Game For Android For Free. Yes, This Game Can be Played on Android.

After viewing lots of interest in Android users towards GTA 5, Rockstar has chosen to make this game likely to run on Android OS. So they developed and launched GTA 5 Apk in beta version. No matter if it is Beta Version because it is enough for us. There are the best quality graphics in the game but you only need a good performance phone to play this game.

It is a common game like other Android Games which you usually download from Play Store. You need to download GTA V Apk + Data and require almost 3 GB of storage on your phone. Shocked? But yes you must have to maintain enough storage space in your Android.

Gameplay Of GTA V Android

GTA V Gamers who are well-known and experienced with older GTA versions, such as GTA IV, understand the story in the gameplay. The goal of the game career is based on a number of missions that also serve as a backbone for the entire story. These missions must be completed in a chain to advance the plot. It sounds simple and easy, but harder than it sounds.

They have to complete several quests and missions to earn money and buy all sorts of goods to reach further missions. Each player has to buy different assets. Almost every mission follows a basic objective of driving to a specific location, killing some armed men, gathering information, and returning home safely. It keeps getting interesting after every mission as the execution plan changes with every completed mission.

The Plot And Character

Grand Theft Auto V is placed in 2013, with all main sporting events in Los Santos, a fictional city in Los Angeles. The game revolves around the story of 3 main characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. The events of GTA V are similar to the earlier part.

The game begins about 5 years after the events of Grand Theft Auto IV, and four years after the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinese Wars. Michael is a retired professional bank robber. After an agreement with the FIB, he returns to the life of a criminal.

Almost after ten years, three close friends attempt to steal a bank near the US-Canadian border as three wild thieves. But two of the three robbers were killed on the runway. The lucky person is Trevor. Michael has two friends Trevor and Franklin.

Trevor is their best friend of Michel, who is intelligent but with a strange, doubtful, and strange character. Franklin is a young man who can drive a supercar but has insufficient experience in the life of the underworld.


GTA V Main Story Missions

1. Ludendorff, North Yankton

  • Prologue

2. Los Santos

1. Simeon Yetarian

  • Franklin and Lamar
  • Repossession
  • Complications

2. Lamar Davis

  • Chop
  • The Long Stretch

3. Michael De Santa

  • Father/Son
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Daddy’s Little Girl

4. Lester Crest

  • Friend Request
  • Casing the Jewel Store
  • Carbine Rifles
  • Bugstars Equipment
  • BZ Gas Grenades

5. Heists

  • The Jewel Store Job

3. Blaine County

1. Trevor Philips

  • Mr. Philips
  • Nervous Ron

2. Tao Cheng

  • Trevor Philips Industries
  • Crystal Maze

3. Trevor Philips

  • Friends Reunited

4. Los Santos

1. Michael De Santa

  • Fame or Shame

2. Federal Investigation Bureau/Dave Norton

  • Dead Man Walking
  • Three’s Company

3. Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • By the Book

4. Trevor Philips

  • Scouting the Port
  • Minisub
  • Cargobob

5. Heists

  • The Merryweather Heist

6. Michael De Santa

  • Did Somebody Say Yoga?

7. Lamar Davis

  • Hood Safari

8. Devin Weston

  • I Fought the Law
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Deep Inside

9. Solomon Richards

  • Mr. Richards

10. Lester Crest

  • The Hotel Assassination

11. Heists

  • Blitz Play
  • Masks
  • Boiler Suits
  • Trash Truck
  • Tow Truck

12. Martin Madrazo

  • Canada Libre

5. Blaine County Missions

1. Trevor Philips

  • Minor Turbulence

2. Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • Paleto Score Setup
  • Military Hardware

3. Trevor Philips

  • Predator

4. Heists

  • The Paleto Score

5. Trevor Philips

  • Derailed

6. Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • Monkey Business

6. Los Santos Missions

1. Trevor Philips

  • Hang Ten

2. Lester Crest

  • Surveying the Score

3. Michael De Santa

  • Bury the Hatchet

4. Devin Weston

  • PackMan

5. Franklin Clinton

  • Fresh Meat

6. Lester Crest

  • Cleaning Out the Bureau
  • Fire Truck

7. Michael De Santa

  • Reuniting the Family

8. Franklin Clinton

  • Architect’s Plans

9. Heists

  • The Bureau Raid

10. Federal Investigation Bureau/Dave Norton

  • The Wrap Up

11. Franklin Clinton

  • Lamar Down

12. Solomon Richards

  • The Ballad of Rocco
  • Legal Trouble
  • Meltdown.

13. Lester Crest

  • Planning the Big Score
  • Stingers
  • Gauntlet
  • Driller
  • Sidetracked

14. Heists

  • The Big Score

7. Endings

1. Federal Investigation Bureau/Steve Haines

  • Something Sensible

2. Devin Weston

  • The Time’s Come

3. Lester Crest

  • The Third Way

Features of GTA V Game

  • There are High-Quality HD Graphics.
  • There is good control of the Player over the Game.
  • All the Game Characters, Cars, and Designs are awesome and look real.
  • There is an awesome Vehicle driving control, it is far better than any other GTA game.
  • It has lots of interesting Missions, you will get more interested in the next one whenever any mission gets completed.


  • Android devise with version 7.0 and above
  • z archiver for extraction downloads it from here.
  • Internet connection.
App Name GTA V
Version v1.09
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 8,000,000+
Developer Rockstar Games


Gta V In Android
Gta V In android
Gta V In android

GTA V Apk Features

  • Simple Map navigation
  • Different kinds of airplane
  • Team selection
  • Car and cloths customization
  • 3 character
  • Low battery drain
  • Quick load
  • Load and save game
  • Bug fixed
  • Excellent soundtrack and simple sound control
  • High graphics
  • Support maximum device
  • High-Quality HD Graphics.
  • All Game Characters, Cars, and Designs are wonderful and look as real.
  • Lots of exciting Missions

Steps To Install Gta V In android Free.

  • First, you need to download GTA v apk and OBB from below.
  • After downloading open the z archiver ( download link given above ) and locate the folder where you have downloaded the GTA v apk and obb.
  • Now install the apk on your device ( don’t open it until all process is done).
  • After installing the apk, click on the OBB file and extract it using a z-archiver.
  • After extracting , you got a folder named “com.rusergames.gta5prologue “ .
  • Copy the file and paste it into the obb folder present in internal storage < android < obb. if the obb folder is not present in it then create the folder named obb.
  • Now you have successfully installed the game on your device.


So, this is how you install and play GTA V on any Android smartphone. I don’t think it was hard to install and make this game run on your phone. You just need to download GTA 5 Apk + Data file on your device and then unzip that file according to this article, I have shared above. If our download link is broken or not working, you can inform us in the comment section.


1. Can I download GTA V on Android?

If you are a follower of the GTA list, you can download Gta V In android then feel it on your Android Smartphone without a PC or Console. We bring you the GTA 5 APK file, which lets you install and play games right on your mobile device.

2. Is GTA 5 mobile free?

Now you can download free Gta V In android phone by Gta V Download For Android file on your phone and installing it. GTA 5 is one of the most marvelous android games that you can play. You can travel the free zone of Los Santos and choose between any 3 characters in-game.

3. Can GTA 5 be played offline?

Moreover, you can experience everything the game has to offer without playing the multiplayer mode. Still, GTA Online, which is the multiplayer mode for GTA 5 needs you to have a working internet connection.

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