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Then You Are At The Right Place. This Article Is Created For You. In This Article, I Have Shared The Latest And Working Download Link Of the Modern Combat 5 Blackout Game For Android. It is a very highly realistic and action game for android.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a very highly realistic and action-adventurous game. You love to play this game on your android phones. so without wasting any time let’s get started and see full details of this game and how to Download Modern Combat 5 on your Android Device

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Gameplay

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a first-person shooter inspired by the Call of Duty saga. It has a great single-player campaign mode, as well as a powerful online mode for a good number of players.

The campaign mode, as in all Call of Duty titles, offers a very cinematographic experience in which you can navigate many different scenarios and fight hundreds of enemies controlled by AI. You have to shoot helicopters, use machine guns, use melee weapons, and more.

In the modern Combat 5 Blackout online mode, you do not play such a spectacular scenario, but you can fight other players in teams on the Internet. As is now common in this genre, each player can choose his or her class (there are four different ones), and level his or her character. Before combat, you can customize your team, unlock new weapons, improve those you have, how to change your character and more.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a great first-person shooter in every appearance. Its only drawback is that due to its impressive graphics and the number of characters on the screen and explosives, it performs at a slow rate even on the most powerful Android devices.

Features Of Modern Combat 5 Blackout

✅ Upgraded, Polished Graphics

It is almost hard to believe how gorgeous Modern Combat 5 is. With the latest proprietary engine designed to take advantage of the latest smartphone and tablet technology, the graphics are cranked and things like water and explosions look awesome. I was really impressed that when I shot my gun, I could see the heat from the barrel. These small touches, in addition to new lighting effects and a destructive environment, really make Modern Combat 5 great.

✅ Spec Ops Missions

A new addition to the series is Spec Ops missions. These are not exactly side quests, but themed missions, which you are completing in specific ways. An example was a mission in which you only had to use a sniper rifle to provide cover for the ally as he makes his way through the road. There will be a variety of these missions and they aim to offer a fun and challenging departure from the story.

✅ Unified Progression

No matter whether you’re completing single-player story missions, space ops missions, or competing in multiplayer, Modern Combat 5 will feature an integrated progression system. This means that all the experience you gain in any mode will allow you to unlock new weapons and enhancements, classes, and other perks.

✅ Classes

This time you will be able to select character classes with different expertise to take out your enemies. There are four in all, including Assault, Heavy, Recon, and Sniper. You unlock them as rewards for leveling, and they can be customized to fit your play style. Assaults use rifles and pistols and are effective in the medium range. Heavy strong, flexible gunners that use guns and RPGs.

Raman likes to get up close and personal with SMGs and pistols. Snipers take their enemies away with sniper rifles but using a stealth approach they can be lethal with a pistol.

✅ Special Weaponry

Modern Combat 5 Blackout One of the more awesome new gameplay mechanics in the MC5 is the ability to manually aim the bullet of your sniper rifle. This special ability called Bullet Control is about ten seconds cold, which is reasonable considering how powerful it is. I like to aim for the head, but a well-placed foot shot can certainly be enough to get the job done.

There is also a new scout drone that you can send. This is incredibly helpful in tight locations, as it will find enemy targets and line them up in your level, allowing you to see where they are. In one instance, I threw my scout drone out and it flew around a corner, and searched and understood several targets.

When I found them, I could see their outline through the walls. With the destructive environment of modern Combat, I could shoot straight through Shoogie to take them out.

✅ Multiplayer

One can play individually or join a team for a team-based multiplayer mode. There are a total of five modes: Free-for-All, VIP, Squad Battle, Capture the Flag, and Team Battle. All modes are nothing I haven’t seen before.

In VIP mode, a player from the team is designated as VIP, which is based on random selection, and receives bonus points for VIP kills. This is one of the more fun modes. Overall, I think the multiplayer gameplay of Shadowgan: Deadzone is tighter and more fun.

Developer Gameloft Bucharest
Release date 24 July 2014
Original Game Size 1.19GB
Platform Android


Modern Combat 5 Blackout
Download Modern Combat 5
Modern Combat 5 Blackout

How To Download Modern Combat 5

1. First Of All Download Modern Combat 5 Blackout Apk And Data From The Given Link Below

2. After Downloading All the files Install the Apk From The Downloaded File

3. After You Installed The application go to the downloaded Obb data and extract it using Z archiver or whatever you use apps to extract

4. Now, after the extraction is complete you will get a folder named

5. Copy this Folder And Paste it into Android>Obb And Paste it here

6. Now Open The Game And Enjoy Your Game

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many chapters are there in modern combat 5?

Six Chapter. The story is divided into six chapters and each chapter has story missions, fantasy-ops missions, and multiplayer missions.

Q2. Can Modern Combat 5 be played offline?

It is not possible to play this game without the internet

Q3. Is modern combat free?

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS is a free mobile first-person shooter with single-player and multiplayer modes. Join friends to battle or compete against other online players through a full campaign mode.

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  1. I really love the concept of this game where every class is specialized with its own type of weapons. It’s really unrealistic when a single soldier can perfectly use any type of weapon as in other fps games which is practically impossible. thanks a lot for giving easy download


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