Instagram Adds 4 New Stickers for Stories and Reels

Instagram adds 4 new stickers such as ‘Reveal’, ‘Frames’, ‘Cutout’, and ‘Add Yours Music’ for Stories and Reels, enhancing user engagement.

Instagram, the popular social media platform, has just added four new stickers, adding a fresh layer of interactivity and fun to Stories and Reels. The latest additions include ‘Reveal’, ‘Frames’, ‘Cutout’, and ‘Add Your Music’ stickers designed to give users more ways to express themselves and engage with their audience.

Reveal Sticker:

Reveal stickers
image source: Instagram

The first new sticker is “Reveal,” which helps users increase engagement with their followers. To use this feature, you must tap the sticker icon while creating a Story, select the “Reveal” option, and enter a hint regarding the blurred content.

Then, after posting the Story, followers can only see what’s hidden by sending you a direct message. Though you won’t have to approve every DM one by one, the image will automatically become visible once someone sends you a DM.

This can be useful for creators wanting more engagement with their stories.

Frames Sticker:

Frames Sticker
image source: Instagram

Another new sticker is “Frames,” which turns your photos into an old-school style photo. To reveal the hidden photo, your followers will have to shake their phones or press the “Shake to reveal” button.

To use this feature, Just tap the sticker icon and select the “Frames” sticker when making a new story. It’ll open your photo gallery, so you can choose the picture you want to frame. Once you’ve picked the image, you can also add a caption and publish your story.

Cutout Sticker: 

Cutout sticker
image source: Instagram

For those seeking to add an artistic touch to their stories, the ‘Cutout’ sticker is the perfect tool. This new sticker allows you to create custom stickers from your photos.

By selecting a portion of your image, you can turn it into custom stickers that can be added to your Stories or Reels. Once you create your cutouts, they are saved and easily accessible in your sticker tray, so you can come back and use them again.

Add Your Music Sticker:

Add your music sticker
image source: Instagram

Last but not least, Instagram has also introduced a new “Add Your Music” sticker, which allows you to share your favorite song that fits your current mood.

This feature is similar to the existing “Add your sticker“, users can respond to the Add Yours Music sticker by sharing their favorite song.

To add music to your story, first, tap the stickers icon and choose the ‘Add Yours Music’ option. Then, tap on ‘+ / Add Music’ to pick a song from Instagram’s music library. After you post your story, your friends can add the song they’re listening to by using the ‘Add Yours’ button.

These are some of the interesting stickers that Instagram has recently added. So, next time you’re creating a Story or Reel, don’t forget to explore these exciting new stickers and make your story more engaging.

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