Fortnite Will Soon Let You Hide “Confrontational” Emotes

The Fortnite new update will let you turn off "confrontational" emotes, such as 'Take the L' and 'Laugh it Up'.

To make gaming more enjoyable for everyone, Fortnite has announced that they are rolling out a new setting allowing players to turn off “confrontational” emotes. The upcoming update, v29.30, introduces a new feature allowing players to hide “confrontational” emotes.

This means that if a player turns off confrontational emotes, they will no longer see them when other players perform them during matches. This feature aims to promote a more positive and respectful gaming environment.

Below are the four emotes that Epic Games considers “confrontational” in Fortnite:

  • Laugh It Up
  • Take the L
  • Whipcrack
  • Make It Plantain

The new setting, “See Confrontational Emotes” can be found in the Social Privacy section of Account & Privacy settings. Players will have three options to choose from:

  • From anyone: You’ll see these emotes from all players.
  • From friends at the party: You’ll only see these emotes from friends at your party.
  • Never: You will not see these emotes from other players.
Fortnite confrontational emotes
source: Epic Games

These four emotes won’t exactly be hidden, they’ll still appear as images in the game – but when you enable the emote filter and if another player uses one of these four emotes in front of you, you will see them just standing still, without any emote sound.

While some players have criticized the move, others have welcomed the change as a step towards reducing toxicity. If you are asking my opinion then I am also happy with this update. Fortnite is taking a bold step towards promoting a more respectful and enjoyable gaming environment.

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