Instagram Might Soon Let Users Share Others Profile As Stories

Instagram is testing a new feature that would let users share other people's profiles as stories. Learn how this could help creators.

Instagram the most popular social media platform owned by Meta is reportedly testing a new feature that might soon allow users to share other people’s profiles on their Stories.

According to a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, some users have spotted a new option in the profile menu that says “Add Profile to Your Story”. When tapped, it opens the story camera with the profile picture and username of the selected account.

Users can then also add stickers, text, or other effects before posting the story and invite followers to visit and follow the shared Instagram profile/page. (via Wccftech)

The feature is similar to the existing option of sharing posts from the feed or explore tab as stories, which was introduced in 2018. However, instead of sharing a specific post, users can now share the entire profile of another user.

This new feature could be helpful for content creators, influencers, and small businesses in several ways, such as:

  • It could increase their exposure and reach, as their profile could be shared by their fans, followers, or customers to their own stories.
  • It could boost their engagement.
  • It could also drive more traffic and conversions.

Right now, Instagram hasn’t said anything officially about this feature yet. It is not clear how many users have access to this feature, or when it will be rolled out to everyone.

So, we’re not sure when or if this sharing profiles as stories feature will be available to everyone. But we might expect it to be available to all users in early 2024.

Earlier, Instagram also introduced a new feature that allows users to preview their posts before publishing. This shows Instagram’s focus on providing a great user experience by regularly adding new features.

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