Instagram Is Testing A New Post-Preview Feature

Instagram is rolling out a new "post-preview" feature that allows users to preview their posts before making them publish publically.

Instagram, the widely used and most popular social media platform, is testing out a new grid feature that allows users to preview their posts before making them publish publicly. According to reports, this feature is already being rolled out to selected users.

Previously, Instagram users were only able to view their posts on their grid after they had been published. Now, with the rollout of the new Post-Preview feature, users can preview their posts before publishing, make any necessary adjustments or changes, and then publish them accordingly.

Currently, Instagram is testing the new Instagram grid feature with a limited number of users who have the latest app version installed. There is no official announcement yet regarding when everyone will receive this feature.

How To Use Instagram’s new post-preview feature

To check if you have access to the feature, follow these steps provided by Instagram:

  1. First, Update your Instagram app through the Play Store if an update is available.
  2. Then, Open the app and start creating a post. If you see the new grid option, then you have got this feature.
  3. If the feature isn’t visible, you will have to wait until it is rolled out to everyone.

Also, Instagram recently introduced a new feature that enables users to create their own personalized “Add Yours” templates for Stories. This shows Instagram’s focus on providing a great user experience by regularly adding new features.

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