How To Solve “Failed To Obtain IP Address” Error

Hello TrickyWorlds Readers!!!! I Hope You Are Liking And Reading Our Posts. We Have Recently Shared How To Format Pendrive Using CMD. In This Article, We Are Going To Solve A Major Problem User Are Facing Now A Days. “Failed To Obtain IP Address” Error While Connecting To Any Wifi Or Hotspot.

When connecting to Wi-Fi on your Android phone, you might meet the “Failed To Obtain IP Address” error infrequently. The “Obtaining IP Address” error is also simple than you may imagine. You get this error because your router can’t allow your Android device IP address after you’ve entered the password.

Failed To Obtain IP Address

Your Android device will attempt to connect repeatedly to view if it can see the IP address failed to connect the first time. It will proceed to do this till it’s suitable to get that IP address.

Reasonable Reasons For Getting Failed To Obtain IP Address Error:-

1. Poor Wi-Fi signal. In this case, you should decrease the length of your device and the router.

2. Your device appears not to work properly with the set encryption system.

3. Software or configuration problem of your device

4. Problem with your router. It could be both malfunctioning or configuration problems

5. Incorrect wireless security settings

6. DNS-related problem.

7 Ways To Solve “Failed To Obtain IP Address” Error On Android

It’s Difficult to tell accurately why this occurs, but here are some methods to try and get your internet connection to work. Remember that if you are capable to connect to the Wifi network by using Either any of the methods then other methods are not to be followed.

Method 1: Using Forget Network Method

The first method you should attempt is to forget the network and sign into it again. If the problem is due to a short interruption, this should help The steps to use are simple and sometimes this takes to get rid of the “Failed To Obtain IP Address” error.

1. Open The Setting App And Select Wifi Option.

2. Select on the network you can’t connect to

3. Now Click On Forget Network.

4. Enter The Password And Log into the Wi-Fi network again.

Method 2: Turn Airplane Mode On And Off

The Airplane mode restarts phone settings, so if the problem is some software interruptions or related, this method will help. This method works most of the time however it is a temporary way of fixing the Failed To Obtain IP Address issue

1. Just Go To Flight Mode Or Airplane Mode.

2. Enable Flight Mode Or Airplane Mode, Wait For 15 -20 sec.

3. Now Disable Flight Mode Or Airplane mode.

4. Now Again Connect To The Wifi And See if The problem Is Solve Or Not.

Method 3: Assign a static IP to your Android Device

This is not a complete solution. Though if you cannot Solve Obtaining IP Address loop or Failed to obtain IP Address error on your Android, you may use it as a temporary solution. Follow these steps to manually allocate a static IP to your smartphone or tablet.

1. Go to Settings and select Wifi option. Turn on Wi-Fi and enter Wi-Fi settings.

2. Click on the network that Gives Failed To Obtain IP Address Error.

3. Select “Modify network.”And Look for “IP settings” and select “Static.”

4. Move to the IP address option as we will be doing changes there.

5. In the IP address, replace the last number to any number among 10 to 225

6. You need to assure that the recently entered IP address is distinctive from the current one.

7. Click on save

This should solve the Failed To Obtain IP Address or obtaining an IP address error. Get sure you choose a different IP address so that it won’t clash with other connected devices.

Method 4: Clear Google Play Services cache

This method appears to be included in every troubleshooting guide, and it’s because it affects so many tasks around your phone.

Google Play Services matches many features and functions on your Android phone and is one of the first points to look at when something goes wrong. Fortunately, the solution here isn’t too harsh

1. Open the Settings app And Select “Apps & notifications.”

2. Find and tap on “Google Play Services.”

3. Select Storage And Select Clear cache

4. Try to connect to Wi-Fi again

This will clear the cache clean, removing any caching errors that could’ve been Creating the Problem with the Wi-Fi functionality.

After this, simply use your Wi-Fi like you normally would, and it will probably be back to normal.

Method 5: Change Your Device’s Name

If nothing has worked so far, changing the device’s name has been known to work. Go to your device’s settings and swipe all the way down to About device. Swipe down and tap on Device name. Just enter the name you want your device to have and tap on Done.

Method 6: Reset Network Settings on Android

All smartphones and tablets that work one of the newest versions of Android, support resetting network settings without removing apps and data. So, you should attempt this possibility to try getting rid of Failed To Obtain IP Address error before you going to factory reset your device.

1. Go to Settings, Click On Connection And Sharig.

2. Click On Reset, Wifi And Bluetooth.

3. Tap Reset Setting on The Bottom And confirm the action by entering your pattern or another security code.

Method 7: Factory Reset Your Android Device

If all the other fails and the problem continues for a long period of time, you might want to think of doing a factory data reset. This will delete everything on your phone and make it back to its factory state. Make sure to back up any necessary files before proceeding.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select “System.”
  3. Then select “Advanced options.”
  4. Now Select “Reset options.”
  5. Select “Erase all data (factory reset).”
  6. Select “Reset phone.”

Wrapping Up

As you know, there are many reasons for the Failed To Obtain IP Address error and there are many ways to fix it severally. We hope that our guide assisted you to get cleared of the problem and you will never again see “Failed To Obtain IP Address” on your Android device.

That’s all solutions we know. Have any of you guys tried other ways? We would love to hear about them In The Comment Section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does it mean “Failed To Obtain IP Address?

Ans:- The “Failed To Obtain IP Address” error normally displays up when entering a Wi-Fi network, whether it is new or one you have got on your device. This error message indicates the router can’t specify an IP address to your device. As long as the problem continues, the user can’t access the internet using that Wi-Fi network.

Q2. How do I fix failed to obtain an IP address?

Ans:- We Have Published An Article on This Problem Just Go And Read This Article.

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