8 iPhone Apps You Should Consider Using

Apart from the standard apps that you get pre-installed, there are other iPhone apps that take your experience to the next level.

With iPhone 8, you must have got all the standard apps if it’s a brand-new purchase. However, if you have purchased a second-hand iPhone from your friend, some of the apps might be missing. 

Even though the iPhone comes with useful apps and programs, you don’t have to deal with bloatware. But sometimes, even the pre-installed apps seem to unnecessarily consume space, and you feel deleting them is the best feasible option. 

Apart from the standard apps that you get pre-installed on your computer, there are iPhone 8 apps that take your experience to the next level. Let’s learn about some of those apps in the upcoming section. 

1. Buffer

After purchasing a phone, one of the first few things that you do on it is installed social apps so that you can stay connected with your friends. You might want to download Instagram as it’s the most interactive platform that keeps you positive. 

In addition, you may also look for Twitter because everyone is talking about it. And how about Snapchat or FaceBook? If you are a social media whiz, don’t forget to download Buffer, as it allows you to schedule your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook posts effectively. 

2. Google Maps 

You must have Maps, the official iPhone navigator, installed on your phone. But downloading Google Maps will allow you to view your nearest cafe, library, or restaurant with the best ratings. It is a comprehensive location detector that you must have on your phone. 

iPhone’s native Maps app causes navigation problems often, so users sometimes find it redundant. If you are wondering how to share location on iPhone, there are many alternate apps, other than Google Maps, that you can download. 

3. Dashlane

For those who buy stuff online, Dashlane is a useful app that helps you keep your payment receipts and confirmation information right in one place. It helps you stay financially informed about your spending, which would otherwise be lost in your emails. 

If you find it difficult to manage the transaction receipts of online purchases, Dashlane is for you. The best thing is that the app is available for free. But if you shop and spend a lot online, having a premium version will help keep things more organized. 

4. Sleep Cycle 

The ultimate digital alarm clock allows you to select a time frame, for example, 6:00 am and 7:00 am, instead of selecting a particular time. Select your time frame, place your phone near your bed and go to sleep. 

The app measures your entire sleep cycle and analyzes how well you sleep and the hours you hit the REM sleep. When you are ready to be woken up, the app will raise the alarm. This time is usually the moment when you are not too tired to get up and not feel sleepy. 

5. Duolingo

The language learning tool is available for free and as effective as the pro-Rosetta Stone. Whether you wish to learn Dutch, French, English, Mandarin, or any other language, Duolingo makes it easy for you. 

The app is certainly helpful for students who might be looking to pursue their higher education in a foreign country with a different native language. Even if you are looking to explore a new country as a tourist, you can download Duolingo to interact with local people. 

6. Spotify

You must have heard of Spotify, as it is one of the most popular music apps available in the market. With premium service, the app offers millions of songs and a seamless listening experience. All you need is a pair of excellent quality earphones to enjoy music. 

Spotify is one of the best iPhone 8 apps that is available for free, but having a premium version will allow you to access your playlist. After buying the paid subscription, you can listen to the playlists offline, which makes the $10 monthly pricing quite acceptable. 

7. Dropbox

With a lot of cloud storage apps, selecting one with feature-rich capabilities is a bit challenging. Having a cloud app is important as it gives you the opportunity to access your data right from anywhere on any digital device. 

So, if you are looking to download one of the most effective cloud storage apps on your iPhone, go for Dropbox. It is available for free and works with all platforms. Google Drive is another potential option if you are looking for an alternative.

8. MyFitnessPal

Fitness is a tough area, and achieving specific goals is even more daunting. If you are among millions of users who find it difficult to keep track of the gained and burned calories, MyFitnessPal is something that can help. 

With realistic goals, the app gives you a challenging fitness plan and strict guidelines to adhere to. MyFitnessPal makes it easier for you to keep track of your meals as you can input your diet details, and it will tell you the overall calorie intake.

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