Instagram Gets ‘Add Yours’ Templates Feature For Stories

Instagram rolled out a new "add yours" templates feature that allows users to turn their Stories into templates that can be used by others.

Instagram, a widely used social media app known for its consistently adding new features to keep the user experience exciting, has recently launched a new feature update called ‘Add Yours’ templates.

This feature allows users to create their own personalized templates for Stories. It allows you to attach GIFs, text, and other elements to a story template, which can then be shared and used by your followers.

Instagram announced this feature on December 15 and is currently rolling it out worldwide.
If you don’t have this option yet, consider updating your Instagram app to the latest version.

How To Create A Template Using the ‘Add Yours’ Option

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your own template using this option:

1. First, open the Instagram app and start uploading a story. Customize your story by adding elements such as a GIF, custom text, or an image from the gallery.

2. After customizing your Story, just tap on the “Add Yours Templates” sticker.

Instagram add yours templates

3. Then, select the elements you want to pin on your story.

Instagram add yours templates

That’s it, after customizing the story, just click on publish.

Note: Users can add their own touch to your template when they want to use it, but they cannot modify what you originally created.

Also, Last week, Instagram introduced a video notes feature that lets users add 2-second videos to their Notes and now they added this new “add yours templates” feature. I think Instagram is focused on providing a very good user experience by regularly adding new features.

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