iOS 18 is likely to bring new text effects to the iMessage app

According to multiple sources, Apple is likely to add a new text effects feature to the iMessage app on iOS 18.

Just before Apple officially reveals iOS 18 at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 on June 10, we are now hearing some leaks that suggest Apple is likely to add new text effects to the iMessage app in iOS 18.

This feature will likely be part of the upcoming iOS update, including iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS. While iMessage already supports bubble effects and full-screen effects like confetti, the upcoming text effects will allow you to animate individual words within a message.

According to MacRumors, we are going to be able to animate every individual word within a message, which means the new text effects are designed to make our conversations more animated and fun.

With iOS 18, the iMessage app is also set to gain RCS (Rich Communication Services) support, so it is possible that the text effects may also work with green bubbles. There is also a rumor that, alongside the text effects, Apple will add rich text controls like bold, italics, and underline, but this rumor is not confirmed.

In addition to text effects and RCS, iOS 18 is likely to introduce an AI-powered autocompletion tool for iMessage.

Just as a refresher, RCS messaging support will make communication between iPhone and Android users smoother. Similar to iMessage, RCS will offer features like read receipts, audio messages, higher-resolution photos and videos, location sharing, better encryption, typing indicators, messaging over Wi-Fi, and improved group chats.

As we await for the official announcement and release of these new text effects and other features, excitement is building among Apple enthusiasts.

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