Apple Rolls Out Three New Apps To Replace iTunes For Windows

Apple launches three new dedicated apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps that will replace iTunes for Windows.

Apple has finally launched three new dedicated apps for Windows users: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices for listening to music, watching movies and shows, and managing Apple devices on Windows. These apps will replace the iTunes app on Windows.

According to the Apple Support page, ” these three apps will only work on Windows 10 and later. If your PC doesn’t support these apps, you can continue to use iTunes for Windows.” These new apps are designed to provide a better experience for Windows users who want to access Apple’s services and content.

Apple Music app will allow Windows users to listen to music from their iTunes library. Apple TV App allows people to watch Apple’s original shows, movies, and thousands of other titles from popular streaming services. Apple devices will allow people to manage and sync their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and AirPods with their Windows PC.

Also, existing iTunes users will be able to transfer their libraries and purchases to the new apps without losing any data.

How To Download These Apps

To download these apps on your Windows PC, you need to have Windows 10 or later. You can download the apps from the Microsoft Store or Apple’s website. Below are the links to the apps on the Microsoft Store.

You need to install all three apps to work properly. You also need to authorize your Windows PC with your Apple ID. For detailed instructions, you can visit Apple’s website.

Apple’s decision to replace iTunes with separate dedicated apps follows a similar move on macOS last year when the company split iTunes into Music, TV, and podcast apps. Apple said that the change was made to simplify and improve the user experience on Windows, as iTunes had become too bloated and complicated over the years.

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