Best 10 Money Earning Apps In India – 100% Genuine

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So, Today We Have Comeback With Another Latest Money Earning Apps In India Which Is 100% Genuine And Trusted. Utilizing these apps you can easily recharge your mobile, pay bills, and also get rewards for your shopping. You can easily use the earning apps on your smartphone and earn money online without Any Problem.

Money Earning Apps In India

Several of you thinking about how to use all this extra time. Well, the most suitable decision here is to use this time to make money by these Money Earning Apps In India. You have to install this money earning apps discussed below, and you are good to go. The conditions for these apps are very less. All you require is:

  • A smartphone. 
  • A stable Internet connection

Best 10 Money Earning Apps In India

NumberMoney Earning Apps
1.Mobile Xpression
2. Mini Joy
3.Google Opinion Reward
4. Loco
6.Cash Karma
7.The Panel Station
8.Swag Bucks
9.Roz Dhan
10.Toluna Influencers

1. Mobile Xpression

Money Earning Apps In India

Mobile Xpression Is A Market Research Panel Created to Understand the Trends and Behaviors of People Utilizing the Mobile Internet. Finding which are the most famous websites on the internet and also the most popular sites. It Is The Best Earning Apps To Earn Money.

As an active member of Mobile Xpression, you are eligible for weekly credits that can be redeemed for gift cards. In bonus, after 30 days as an active member, They Will Give You ₹300 Amazon Gift Vouchers For Free. It Is One Of The Best Money Earning Apps In India And I Am Also Using From The Past 6 Months.

Rewards Provided By Mobile Xpression:

  • ₹350 Gift Voucher Every Month
  • After 30 Days As An Active Member, You Will Get Free ₹300 Gift Voucher

For Full Details Visit Here:- Mobile Xpression Latest Trick For Free ₹300 Amazon And Flipkart Vouchers

2. Mini Joy

Money Earning Apps In India

MiniJoy is a random game app, one of the best online entertainment and Money Earning Apps In India. An online game app that lets you get various Joy and earn money. MiniJoy is India’s popular and casual gaming App where users can play games, get Joy daily.

Invite your friends, Earn Money By Playing Games and tell family members to join MiniJoy Money Earning Apps In India. Play games together at anytime and anywhere. This app is very properly-known and you can earn unlimited by making tasks as well as by referring your friends on MiniJoy App. This is a well-trusted app and you can redeem it directly in your Paytm wallet

Rewards provided By Minijoy:

  • Refer Your Friend And Get ₹39 Instantly.
  • Signup Bonus ₹51
  • Checkin For 7 Days And Get ₹18 Instantly

Steps To Follow:-

1. First of All Download MiniJoy Apk From Given Link Here.

2. It will Redirect your to Default Browser. Enter Your Mobile Number And They Will Send You App in Your Mobile Number.

3. After Downloading And Installing The App, Open it.

4. Select Language and then Go to “ME Tab” from Bottom.

5. It will ask you to “SIGN UP WITH PHONE NUMBER”. Enter your Paytm Mobile number and verify it with OTP

6. After That They will ask you to create a Username and Select a Gender.

7. Just Enter Given Refer Code in Cash Rewards Option. After Entering Refer Code, You will get Cash Bonus up to Rs.51 in your Wallet.


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3. Google Opinion Reward

Money Earning Apps In India

The Google Opinion Award is one of the Best Money Earning Apps In India developed by Google for both Android and iOS. It pays to share your opinion on a topic or vote. This app posts some surveys that you have to answer instantly for those people and receive rewards for it.

This application is very easy to use and all surveys use less than 20 seconds. This app gives location-based surveys so that you can quickly answer them and help other users.

Rewards Provided By Google Opinion Rewards:

  • You, Will, Get-Random Pay From The Surveys. You, Will get Upto ₹40-60 Per Survey And Use This Funds To Buy Anything From Playstore And In-Game.

Steps To Follow:

1. First Of All Download The Google Opinion Rewards Panel App From Here:- Download Now

2. Then Open The App And Sign-up With Your Gmail Id.

3. After Sign-up Process Is Complete You Will Get a Survey, Complete it And You Are Now Verified.

4. Every day You Will Get A Notification Of The New Survey Available, Make It And You Will Get Some Money.

5. Use This Money To Buy Anything From Playstore Or From In-Game Option Liking Uc From Pubg Etc.

4. Loco

Money Earning Apps In India

This is one of the Best Money Earning Apps In India as it is not that tough for users to earn money here. And, in the method, the users have to compete with other people. The Loco quiz app is available on both Android and ios.

The Loco gaming app offers a number of best money-earning games that let you earn while you learn. You have to answer a few general knowledge-based questions and earn money, which will then be transferred to your Paytm wallet.

To win money, you require to answer all the questions before your time runs out. One incorrect answer can make you lose the game, so touch upon your General Knowledge and begin to earn money online

Rewards Provided By Loco:

  • You Will Get Paid upto ₹1000 From Wining The Quiz
  • Refer Your Friends To get Extra Lives And Use It In Incorrect Answer.

Steps To Follow:-

1. Firstly download and install Loco App by clicking Download Button Below.

2. Now register In App by giving your mobile number. After confirming your number you will be asked to insert your Username.

3. Come in it at 10 pm exact to compete in a live quiz and on 1.30 pm on Weekdays.

4. Answer all 10 questions correctly. Cash prizes limit start from Rs 500 and keep going up depending on the total number of people participating.

5. If you come to the final round and wins you will get the prize and Redeem in Your paytm wallet.

5. Foap

Money Earning Apps In India

Foap is recognized as a group sourcing stand for various brands, advertising, and marketing agencies to locate and buy images from its registry that covers approx 2.5 million followers around the globe.

Simply create an account, upload your images with clear tags, and then the images get ranked by the community. A better rank results in better visibility and better visibility means better earning through this Money Earning Apps In India.

Every time you sell a photo you get 50% of the sale. You can earn from $5-$100 per sale paid out to your PayPal account.

Rewards Provided By Foap:

  • You Can Earn From $5- $100 Per Sale When You Sell a Photo.

Steps To Follow:-

1. First Of All Download And Install The App From Download button Below.

2. Open The App And Signup With Your Mobile Number.

3. Now, Start Selling Your Photos.

6. Cash Karma

Money Earning Apps In India

Cash Karma is an app that pays you to download apps and games then tries them out. Each app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Earn rewards by finishing surveys and more. The only reward app and best Money Earning Apps In India that lets you earn rewards even if you don’t qualify for the survey. You can earn points by completing surveys, trying new products, and shopping for deals. You can also earn additional bonuses by opening achievement badges and leveling up. It is easy to use, clean, and comfortable interface.

Rewards Provided By Cash karma:

  • You Will Get Karma Points, And You Can redeem to a wide variety of free gift cards like Amazon, Flipkart, Paypal Gift Cards

Steps To Follow:-

1. First of all download cashkarma App From Download Button Below.

2. After Installing The App Signup With Your Email.

3. After Signup, You Will Have To Complete All The Tasks To earn Points And Redeem It To Gift Vouchers.

7. The Panel Station

Money Earning Apps In India

The Panel Station is the Biggest Online Survey Portal And Best Money Earning Apps In India where users earn rewards by performing surveys. Every survey brings you to reward points varying from 100 to 5000 depending on the complexity and length of every survey.

The Panel Station automatically credits the points received to your account. You need a minimum of 3000 points on your account to start redeeming. You just require to signup at The Panel Station and then fill up your profile and wait for the offers of the Surveys. It’s very easy and you are actually going to enjoy it and you will surely fill up your pockets with exciting rewards.

Rewards Provided By The Panel Station:

  • Completing Surveys You Will Get From ₹150 – ₹500

For More Information Visit Here:- [The Panel Station] How to earn ₹300 Paytm cash easily

8. Swag Buck

Money Earning Apps In India

Swagbucks is the web most popular and best Money Earning Apps In India rewards program that awards you free gift cards and cash for the everyday tasks you do online. Earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, answer surveys, and get great deals.

Redeem points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Flipkart or get cashback from Paypal. You can also earn SB points when you make in-game purchases within our partners at GSN, or play our free games and earn money. Once you’ve created your free account you can start earning points instantly, which can be changed for cash or rewards.

Rewards Provided By Swag Buck:

  • Get Unlimited Gift Vouchers Of Your Favourite Brand Like Amazon, Flipkart, Paypal And More.

Steps To Follow:-

1. Firstly, Download And Install The App From The Download Button Below.

2. After Installing The App Open it And Signup With Your Email Id.

3. After Successfully Signup, You Will See Various Activities Complete It One By One And earn unlimited Money Or Gift Vouchers.

9. Roz Dhan

Money Earning Apps In India

Roz Dhan is the Best Money Earning Apps In India which also gives entertainment and daily news content. You can earn money by signing up, inviting friends, reading & sharing news, playing games, using the app daily, and much more. This money earning app gives you Rs 50 on sign up.

You can also play and win free Paytm cash. Roz Dhan is one of the online money earning app. Get Rs 50 as a sign-up bonus and get Paytm cash whenever someone you refer installs Roz Dhan. Earn coins and change them into Paytm cash for daily check-ins, playing money earning games, and more.

Rewards provided By Roz Dhan:

  • Get ₹50 On Signup After Successful Installation.
  • Earn Upto ₹50 Per Refer With Your Friends.
  • Also You can Earn Money by Simply Playing Games, Completing tasks And daily Check-ins

Steps To Follow:-

1. First of All Download RozDhan App From Given Download Button Below.

2. After Installing Open The App And Select your Language and Go Ahead.

3. Now Enter your Unregistered Mobile Number and Continue And then Verify your Mobile Number with OTP.

4. If it will ask you to Enter Refer Code then Just Enter Given Refer Code and Get ₹50 Signup Bonus.


5. Now Go to Earn Money Icon From Bottom and Check in to Daily Coins and Earn Extra Coins on Daily Basis.

10. Toluna Influencers

Money Earning Apps In India

Toluna is a company that provides online surveys for polluters, agencies, advertisers, and study professionals. The company was founded in France in 2000 by Frederic-Charles Petit. The company operates a user community of over 24+ million active members in 68+ countries at its community site.

Toluna is a part of the major professional market research associations and best Money Earning Apps In India. Toluna offers two types of surveys: profile surveys, which take a minute or two to complete and are worth 100 points, and longer surveys, which last 10 to 20 minutes and are worth more.

Not only is it free to sign up, but the site has more than offers: we’re discussing competitions, product reviews, and even a daily lottery – all of which can earn you points that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash.

Rewards Provided By Toluna:

  • You Can Get Free Vouchers Of Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Paypal And More.

For More Information Visit Here:- Toluna Quick Survey-Earn Rs700 Flipkart & Amazon Gv [ Proof Added ]


SoThese Are The Top 10 Best Money Earning Apps In India Personally I Using. These Are 100% Trusted And Genuine Earning Apps. Every Day Many Users Have Earned Money By Using These Apps. Now You All Know About These Apps So, Start Earning Money By Using Above Apps. If You Liked Our Posts Then Share To Your Friends And Comment Your Problem Here If Anyone Have.


Q1. Which is the best app for earning money in India?

Ans:- All The Apps Which Are Listed In This Article Are The Best Money Earning App In India.

Q2. Do money making apps really work?

Ans:- After using over 30 apps that demand to help you make money with your smartphone or tablet, I’ve come to the conclusion, that yes, money-making apps really do work.

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