8 Proven Ways To Earn Money by Playing Online Games

Here in this article, i will be discussing different several ways to earn money online by playing Online Games.

There are plenty of online games that will genuinely compensate you for your time spent playing them. Despite the fact that it seems ridiculous and scammy, there are some actually remarkable websites and applications that allow you to earn money or other sorts of compensation by doing things like playing games or shopping, completing surveys, or eating out, among other things. Here I will be discussing different ways to earn money online by playing games online.

1. Live game streaming

Anyone may broadcast their games in real time for the rest of the world to watch. Create a huge audience (which you may sell with advertisements) or a devoted following by focusing on both (to monetize your streaming with donations as well as subscriptions). Twitch is the most popular streaming platform, although YouTube is indeed a viable alternative. It takes a long time to create an audience for your live broadcast. It’s possible that you won’t receive more than ten simultaneous viewers over several months and that you won’t get more than 100 viewers at such a time for a long time. The fact is that the majority of streamers never get their point—and in order to make a livelihood broadcasting video games, you should get at least thousands of loyal viewers on a consistent basis. If you are thinking about how to earn money online, then it is the best way to do it.

2. Testing the games

If you enjoy video games such as “Call of Duty” and “Fortnight,” you might also want to consider signing up with a variety of different firms to receive different benefits. This organization assists game developers in improving their goods by enlisting the support of keen players to test them out. Similar to what you’d do for web testing services, you should download software that will record your emotions and words while you are conducting the exam. Tests are generally 15 minutes long and cost $9 for each test.

3. Online tournament 

Earn Money By Playing Online Games

Tournaments are prevalent in PvP games, first-person shooters, and fighting games, among other genres. If the game is well-liked, the reward money will be substantial. If you have the necessary talents, consider joining an esports group, where you may be able to make enough money to support yourself via sponsorships and victories. This is among the best ways that I would like to mention in the ‘how to earn money online list. 

4. Sell your Pro account

For those who have spent a sufficient amount of time in some games, you may be able to “flip” their accounts or in-game things to other players. Because you must achieve a particular level in order to participate in Competitive matches, players who wish to smurf may choose to purchase an account in order to save time. For the same reason, a player who believes you are superior to them could pay you to help them rank up their account’s rating.

5. Try gaming tutorials

You may earn additional money by creating specialized video game lessons and posting them on social media networks, including YouTube and Twitch. You may increase your money account balance while teaching people how to play newer and better games and imparting your expertise to the world at large. You can opt to concentrate on a single game and establish a specialty, or you can make lessons for a variety of games in order to reach a larger audience.

6. Game Journalism 

Games journalism, like most forms of journalism, is a highly competitive endeavor. A lot of individuals desire to make a livelihood by writing about video games. It is possible that you will have to work for close to nothing while building a portfolio and demonstrating your abilities if you write for an established website or blog. If you’re beginning your own website, it will take years to acquire an audience through which you can generate enough money to support yourself and your family.

Journalism may be a time-consuming endeavor. When it comes to news writing, you’ll really have to tap into a variety of sources all around the clock in order to gain scoops before the rest of the world. Reviews, as well as interviews, require a significant amount of time to do effectively. Additionally, writing every day might be a significant drain on one’s mental energy.

7. Try fantasy games

If you frequently search for the answer to the question of how to earn money online,’ You can try playing fantasy games online where you cannot only enjoy the experience but then even earn money by winning. There are a number of games available online or via apps where you compete with other players online and win money with every level going up. You just need to sign up with the game and start earning your money. Once you start playing such games you will get addicted and will be playing as much as possible while earning money at the same time. 

8. Try online Cards or Carrom

There is nothing better than enjoying the games that you love while making money out of it. This is why playing cards have become such a success in the online gaming industry. People who like to try their hands at games like Black Jack or others but they do not have enough time with their hectic schedule can easily play such games online now. Along with that, you can also try online carrom where you can play with strangers. The best is that while enjoying the game, you can still make money when you win the rounds. You can play these on GetMega App.


Nowadays, technology has made everything possible for us. It is really seamless to enjoy games online where you can be motivated to play more by winning real money. If you want to enjoy some of your free time and still want to make some cash, then you must try such games. i hope that these tips mentioned above will help you Earn Money By Playing Online Games. 

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