Palworld May Soon Arrive on PS5 Teased by Community Manager

The massively popular game Palworld might come to PS5 soon as teased by the community manager. Learn more about the news here.

Exciting news for PS5 users: Palworld, the highly anticipated action-adventure survival game, might soon be making its way to the PlayStation 5. This news comes from a recent tease by the game’s community manager.

Although Pokerpair did mention that they might move to other platforms, it wasn’t confirmed earlier. However, in a recent post on X, Palworld Community Manager Bucky posted something that might hint at a potential PS5 port.

In this tweet, the game developer hints that they want to add more hearts of different colors. The first three hearts show the colors black, green, and white while the next heart shows the blue color.

These colors are familiar to gamers. Some fans are assuming that the blue hearts are showcasing PlayStation colors. Bucky also said that they wanted to add more hearts but were not sure what color would fit. Followed by a “hmm.”

Although an official announcement regarding the PS5 release may not have been made yet, there is no denying that the community manager has set the stage for some interesting possibilities. If the game comes on the PS5, Palworld may attract an even larger audience.

On June 27th, there’s an upcoming major update that could shed more light on this rumor. Some fans think that a PS5 announcement could come out buried within the update, especially given dedicated Xbox servers and lots of new content.

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