Microsoft is launching its own Mobile Game Store in July

Microsoft is ready to launch its own Xbox Mobile Gaming Store app this July, starting on the web with its own titles.

Hey mobile gamers, there’s good news for you! Microsoft, the tech giant known for its Windows software and Xbox gaming, is getting ready to launch its own Mobile Game Store this July. This means you’ll have a new place to find and play games on your phone or tablet.

According to Sarah Bond, President of Xbox Gaming, during the latest Bloomberg Technology Summit, said, “We’re going to start by bringing our own first-party portfolio to the Xbox mobile store, so you’re going to see games like Candy Crush show up in that experience, games like Minecraft, etc.”

She also added, “We’ll start on the web first. We chose this because it lets everyone access it, no matter the device or country, without worrying about closed store rules. Then, we’ll expand from there.”

Sarah Bond also mentioned that they plan to include games from partners in their Xbox Mobile Gaming app store later on, but for now, they’re focused on their own titles.

This seems a lot similar to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service already available, which you can use on your phone’s web browser.

Everyone who likes games is waiting to see how this new store will change things. Will it challenge big app stores like Apple and Google? We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s definitely going to make things more exciting in the world of mobile games.

We’ll keep you updated as Microsoft gets ready to launch its Game Store this summer.

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