Google Play Store Now Lets You Download Multiple Apps at Once

Finally, The Google Play store is rolling out a new update that lets you download two apps at once on your Android phone.

For years, Android users have been complaining about needing a better way to download apps from the Google Play Store. Previously, they were limited to downloading a single app at a time. This was annoying, especially when they needed to set up a new device or reinstall lots of apps after a reset.

Now, Google Play Store has finally listened to that complaint and rolled out a new feature that allows you to download multiple apps simultaneously. The new feature lets you download two apps at the same time. This makes installing apps faster and saves time.

Right now, users can only download two apps at a time, which means downloading more than two apps puts the last app in pending status. When this happens, the new app starts downloading after one of the first two apps is installed. But there may be more improvements later.

Google Play Store downloading two apps at once
Image Credit: Android Authority

It is also important to know that this feature only works for installing new apps, not for updating them. But, since this feature is just starting to be rolled out, it’s likely that Google will keep working on it to make it better. They might allow more apps to be downloaded at once and also let it work for updating apps too.

Adding this feature is a big step for the Google Play Store. This shows that they really want to make users happy. By listening to what users say and fixing their problems, Google proves they’re dedicated to making things better for everyone.

Users are really happy about the new feature. They’re thanking Google a lot for it. Social media is full of praise for Google’s choice to let them download two apps at the same time.

What are your thoughts on the multiple downloads feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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