Hogwarts Legacy: In The Shadow Of The Study Quest Full Guide

In The Shadow Of The Study is a side quest In the Hogwarts Legacy game That you will receive after completing The Shadow Of The Bloodline Quest. When you start this quest, you have to complete some puzzle to finish this quest but you are stuck on it and looking for a guide to complete this quest.

Then you are at the right article, In this article, we will guide you on how you can solve the puzzles and complete the In The Shadow Of The Study quest in Hogwarts Legacy. So, let’s get into the article.

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Guide To Complete In The Shadow Of The Study Quest

1. To start the In The Shadow Of The Study quest you will need first complete The Shadow Of The Bloodline Quest then you have to Meet and Talk to Sebastian outside the Slytherin common room.

In The Shadow Of The Study Hogwarts legacy

2. As soon as you start talking to him Sebastian, he will take you to Ominis’ location and tell you that you have to talk to him.

In The Shadow Of The Study Hogwarts legacy

3. After finishing talking with Omnis, you will need to reveal the location of the door to open the Scriptorium door. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  • Use Revelio to locate three braziers.
  • Cast Confringo to light them up quickly.

This will open the Scriptorium door, allowing you to go underground.

In The Shadow Of The Study Hogwarts legacy

4. Now, when you get to the bottom, you’ll see a broken art piece, use Repairo to fix the broken art piece, then talk to Omnis.

In The Shadow Of The Study Hogwarts legacy

5. He will explain that he can hear a voice, and he can use it to open the door. He then begins speaking in Parseltongue to open the locked door. After the door opens, players will find three locked doors with a puzzle.

6. To open the first puzzle door:

  • Rotate the top dial to the circle icon.
  • Rotate the bottom dial to the snake symbol.
Solve the first puzzle

7. To open the second puzzle door:

  • Rotate the top dial to land on the horn symbol.
  • Rotate the bottom dial to land on the z-like symbol.
Solve the second puzzle

8. To open the third puzzle door:

  • Rotate the top dial to the O< symbol.
  • Rotate the bottom dial to the triangle symbol.
Solve the third puzzle

9. After you open the last door, it will lead to the next closed door. There you’ll find a journal on the ground, Pick it up and read it. In the journal, it is written that to open the door you will have to use the forbidden spell.

After that, your character will start talking to Omnis, and Sebastian will say that Omnis must cast a Crucio spell to open the door.

Omnis will then say that either you or Sebastian must cast it. Next, you’ll need to talk to Sebastian, and he’ll tell you that either he can cast it or you can. Once he says this, you will have the option to say one of the following:

  • Very well, I don’t want to learn the Crucio Curse.
  • I want to learn Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me.
  • Teach me the Cruciatus Curse, and I’ll cast it on you.
In The Shadow Of The Study Hogwarts legacy

10. Whichever option you choose the door will open. After the door opens, pick up the book in the center of the room and give it to Sebastian, then exit the Slytherin dungeon.

In The Shadow Of The Study Hogwarts legacy

After you exit the dungeon, the quest will be completed.


By following this guide, you can easily complete the In The Shadow Of The Study Quest In Hogwarts Legacy. If you also want other quest guides then feel free to comment down below, and we will try to make it. Until then, Byee.

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