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3D Movie Maker is a program designed by Microsoft's "Microsoft Kids" in 1995. Using this program, users can put 3D characters in the video.

3D Movie Maker (Known As 3DMM) is a program which is created by Microsoft Kids in 1995. Using this program, users can place 3D characters into pre-made scenes and add actions, sound effects, music, text, speech, and special effects. In 3d Moviemaker videos are saved in two 3D Movie formats: “.3mm” and “.vmm”.

So, if you are looking for a 3D Movie maker then you are at the right article. In this article, we are going to give you the latest and working download link of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. Without wasting more time, Let’s get started.

About Microsoft 3D Movie Maker

PlatformMicrosoft Window
Released Year1994

Microsoft 3D Movie Maker was a software application developed by Microsoft in the late 1990s. It provided tools for users to create and animate 3D movies. The software offered a user-friendly interface that enabled individuals to create their own animated stories by selecting characters, scenes, and sound effects from a library.

Users can arrange these elements in a simple drag-and-drop manner. The program aims to make the process of creating animated films accessible to a broader audience, including aspiring filmmakers, teachers, and people interested in digital storytelling.

With its diverse features and relatively intuitive design, Microsoft 3D Movie Maker has become a popular platform for expressing creativity and imagination through the art of animation.

3D Movie Maker Features:

  • 3DMM Animation Pro (2002): Combines mouse movements with the keyboard, which allows directors to create more fluent movements on the screen.
  • Doraemon Expansion Pack: This pack was only released in Japan.
  • 3DMM Expansion Pack (2003): A user-made expansion pack recognized as “Frankie’s Expansion” after its inventor Frank Weindel, who launched the first new textures, actors, and objects to the software since its release.
  • Virtual 3DMM (2004): An expansion management application that lets users add their own customized expansions in their movies and enable them to be freely assigned.
  • 7gen (2005): A GUI for creating V3DMM expansions.
  • 3DMM Pencil++ 2: A program for editing 3D Movies data files that let users edit expansions.
  • Nickelodeon Expansion Pack: An unofficial expansion pack that adds all the actors, props, textures, scenes, and sounds from Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker.


3d movie maker
3d movie maker
3d movie maker

System Requirements:

  • Operating System – Windows 95 / NT 3.51 / Windows 7
  • CPU – 486 SX 50 MHz
  • RAM – 8 MB
  • Display – 256 Colors
  • HDD Space –12 MB
  • Sound – 16-bit


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