Android Is Looking To Rebrand Nearby Share To Quick Share

Google is looking to rebrand Android's widely used Nearby Share to Quick Share. Here's everything you need to know.

Nearby Share, one of the most useful features in Android devices, that lets users quickly and securely share files, links, photos, and more with other nearby devices, is likely to be Rebrand it to “Quick Share”.

Kamila Wojciechowska, a well-known informant, says that after she installed the most recent beta update for Google Play services (version 23.50.13), she received a notification stating, that “Nearby Share” had been renamed to “Quick Share”.

Does It Mean Google Is Partnering With Samsung?

If you are not aware of the name “Quick Share”, this name has been used by Samsung for a long time for its file-sharing service. This similarity leads us to think about whether Google and Samsung, two major tech giants, are considering merging their services.

If this happens, Samsung users might not have to choose between Nearby Share and Quick Share as both file-sharing services could come under the same Umbrella.

What are your opinions on this? Share your thoughts about the Rebranding of Nearby Share to Quick Share in the comments section below.

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