How To Disable This Call Is Now Being recorded

Are you looking for how to disable this call is now being recorded announcement on your devices? Call recording is an essential feature of smartphones. Many smartphone companies installed Google diallers on their devices instead of their dialler. And when a person tries to record a call Google Dialer makes an announcement like “This call is now being recorded”.

This announcement is heard on both ends i.e. the one who is calling and the receiver. Now, this can be annoying and the other person might become awkward talking with you.

But you can stop this announcement by using the method given in the article. So let’s begin and see How To Disable This Call Is Now Being recorded.

How To Disable This Call Is Now Being recorded

Google Dialer uses text-to-speech to make the call recording announcement. So, we are going to fix this problem by using a different text-to-speech service.

So, now without wasting more time let’s see how to disable this announcement.

1. First of all, Install the TTSLexx application from Play Store.

2. Now, open the application and click on the “Preferred Engine” option.

3. In the Preferred Engine option, choose the TTSLexx option and click on Ok.

How To Disable This Call Is Now Being Recorded

4. After that, Open the Google dialer App info setting.

5. In the setting option, click on the Clear all data and cache option and click ok.

How To Disable This Call Is Now Being Recorded

6. Now you have successfully completed all the required steps. It’s time to restart your device.

Now call someone and the call recording announcement will be disabled.


The method given above is an easy way to record phone calls on your device without making an announcement”This Call Is Now Being Recorded”. After reading this article I Hope you find your answer on How To Disable This Call Is Now Being Recorded.

That’s it, guys. We guess this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


Is TTSLexx safe?

Ans. The app is completely safe. The app does not collect or store any personal data.

Is it possible to stop the call recording announcements?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to stop the call recording announcement. We have given the full info about this in this article.


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