WhatsApp Will Soon Allow You to Tag Contacts in Your Status

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will let you mention contacts in your status updates. Read this article for complete information.

WhatsApp is working on a cool new feature that will let you tag your friends or families in your status updates. Just like how you can tag friends in stories on other apps like Instagram, WhatsApp will soon let you do the same.

Right now, when you put up a status on WhatsApp, it’s like sharing a little part of your day with your WhatsApp friends for 24 hours. But until now, you couldn’t tag anyone. With the new upcoming update, you’ll be able to mention contacts in your status update.

According to an article, shared by WABetaInfo, the latest beta release of WhatsApp for Android, version, has this new feature that will allow users to tag their contacts in their Whatsapp Status updates. This means that you will soon be able to mention your friends or specific contacts in your status updates.

Whatsapp notification alerting that someone has mention you on their whatsapp status
image credit: WABetaInfo

As you can see in the screenshot above, when someone mentions you in their status, you will receive a notification. You can tap on it to view the status. Also, it’s important to mention that your phone number will likely not be shown to others, they will only see your username.

The latest test version of WhatsApp shows that this tagging feature is almost ready. This will make chatting and sharing on WhatsApp even more fun and personal.

We don’t know exactly when this feature will be available to everyone, but it’s definitely something to look forward to. WhatsApp is always trying to improve the app, and tagging in status is one of the new features coming.

So, keep an eye out for this update and get ready to tag your friends in your next WhatsApp status.

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