Minecraft Gets a New Free Map To Celebrate its 15th Anniversary

Celebrate Minecraft’s 15th anniversary with a free map. Explore iconic moments, unlock daily rewards, and have fun with your friends.

As you all know Minecraft is celebrating its 15th anniversary and has announced a huge 50% discount on its game. From May 15 to May 29, Minecraft players can get new free items every day.

So today on May 21, Mojang has released a new free map called “15 Year Journey.” Players can download it now for free. It features a museum where players can learn about the history of the game, show off important nostalgic moments, and can also participate in mini-games and challenges.

The map is created by Oroville Studios and is part of the sixth day of 15 days in celebration of Minecraft’s 15th anniversary announced by Mojang. The map is an in-game “museum” where Minecraft players can see exhibits of important moments from the game’s history.

They can also play mini-games, like a platform challenge in the Nether and an Elytra race based on the End. Another puzzle challenge lets players have the opportunity to unlock the alpha version of Minecraft.

Free Items in Minecraft

Additionally, Minecraft players can also get a new free item for their avatar in the Bedrock Edition’s Dressing Room. They can equip their character with Toe Guardians slippers, inspired by the aquatic mobs from update 1.8 that protect the ocean monuments.

Players can also get a free special TikTok-themed cape until June 18 and claim another special cape by watching 15 minutes of Minecraft content on Twitch.

Additionally, players who subscribe to or gift a subscription to Minecraft streamer on Twitch will receive a special mask.

The “Minecraft Museum” map is free on the Minecraft Marketplace and players can get it for free until May 29.

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