Instagram Testing Live-Stream Games to Increase Engagement

Instagram is testing live stream games to make Live more fun and interactive. Users can play “This or That” and “Trivia” with viewers.

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow you to play games with your audience during a live stream. The feature, which is currently available to a limited number of people, aims to increase engagement and interaction among the live audience.

According to social media expert Ahmad Ghanem, who shared screenshots of the feature on Threads, Instagram has added a new “Games” option that users can select before going live on the app. There are two types of games that users can choose from: “This or That” and “Trivia”.

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“This or That” is a game where you have to choose one of two given options, such as “Coffee or Tea” or “Cat or Dog”. “Trivia” is a game where users have to answer questions from different categories such as “Sports” or “Movies”. Viewers can also help users by giving hints or suggestions in the chat.

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The games are designed to make live-streams more fun and interactive as well as help influencers/users know their audience better. Questions and options for both games are refreshed daily, and users can also suggest their own questions.

Instagram isn’t the first social media platform to experiment with live-streamed games. The popular gaming platform Twitch has a feature called “Extensions” that allows streamers to add interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, leaderboards, and mini-games to their live broadcasts.

Instagram’s move to add games to its live streams is part of its efforts to boost live video engagement, which is lagging these days. It is also unclear when the live stream games feature will be rolled out to more users, or whether it will be available in all regions.

Instagram has not yet officially announced or confirmed this feature. However, the feature has received positive feedback from some users who have tried it, as they reported that it has increased their engagement and retention of their audiences.

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