Top Android apps to use in 2019

Hello friends welcome to Tricky world .hope you all are liking our previous post on android tricks. so today i am back with this post in which i will show you Top Android apps you must use in 2019.

These apps are personally verified by me. these apps will help you in protecting your phones security, monetring your childs phone and in many without wasting any time lets began.

Top Android apps

1- PC Remote

PC Remote is a very famous application available on play store.through this app you can completely control your pc from your mobile.through this app you will be able to perform several activities like control your mouse,play games,project your mobile etc.

Things you will be able to do through this app
  • control your mouse courser completely through mobile.
  • use keyboard through mobile.
  • you control music player.
  • control your web cam.
  • control your pc games through mobile.
  • in built games for pc.
  • project your mobile screen.
  • project your pc screen on mobile.
  • use microphone for pc.
  • connect your pc and mobile wirelesly to transfer files.
  • and many more.

Watch my previous post on how to use pc remote apk – click here

2- find my kids apk

Find my kids apk is a very useful software available on play store .through this app you can monitor your childs phone completely .you will be able to perform several task such as view his location,check how much time he/she is wasting on a particular app, listen or record real time voice near you child and many more features.

Live voice tracking
Location tracking
find my kids app tracker

Steps to setting up find my kids apk

  • first download find my kids apk on your mobile from here – click here
  • now download chat with parent app on the phone which you have to moniter – click to download
  • now connect both app by entering the code that find my kids have provided to enter in chat with my parent.
  • then give all the permission that it asks for.
  • you have successfully connected both phone.

3 – Logo Designer

on the third no in the list of Top Android apps we have logo designer apk. There are several logo designer apps available on play store but this app comes with many features. this app consist of 5000+ 3d logo thumbnails which you can customize according to your colour and design.

if you are a fresher and searching for a logo for your buissness then a professional logo makes will cost a large amount of money which is not possible for you as a you can go with this app and design high quality and 3d logos.

click to download

4 – The envelop app

This App is Very simple to use. Upload a file, get a download link and share it.Through This app you get share your important files to your friends from your home.

There’s no file limits. No tracking. Your files are kept private.

Envelop runs on Blockstack. Which means you decide where your files are stored. You can use the default storage or setup your own storage by following Blockstack’s instructions. Login with your Blockstack account, or create one quickly and for free.

click Here to download

5 – Copy Buble

it is A very simple Application that Allows you to copy multiple Data And Store in it. it will give you a floating widgit on your screen which will contain all data that you have copied .it is a very small tool but is usefull in many ways.

Click Here To download

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