YouTube is slowing down load times for users using Ad-blockers

YouTube is testing new tactics to discourage users who use ad blockers by slowing down the site's speed load time, affecting the performance.

YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming platform, is facing a challenge from users who use ad blockers to block ads while watching videos. Ad blockers not only impact their income but also violate their terms of service. But to counter this problem, YouTube is experimenting with various tactics to convince users to disable their ad blockers.

According to information, reported by several users on Reddit and other forums, YouTube is gradually slowing down the site speed and load time when ad blockers are detected. This results in long loading times and frequent buffering. But as soon as they disabled the ad blocker, they noticed that YouTube was working properly again.

Youtube slowing site speed

In a statement in November, a YouTube spokesperson also said that this was part of a test the platform was working on to provide “suboptimal viewing” for users who are using third-party ad blockers.

What are others saying about this YouTube strategy?

Not everyone is happy with this decision of YouTube. Some users have blamed the platform for implementing such tactics, calling it unfair and unethical. Some are saying that YouTube is punishing its users for exercising their choice and freedom and they should respect their privacy and preferences.

Some users have also reported that YouTube’s ads are often intrusive, irrelevant, and annoying, and they have the right to block them.

YouTube isn’t the only platform that’s trying to deal with ad blockers. Other sites like Spotify, Hulu, and Forbes have also implemented various measures to discourage users from using ad blockers, such as blocking access, displaying warnings, or requesting donations.

But, YouTube’s strategy of slowing down the site speed loading speed appears to be more aggressive and effective, as it directly impacts user experience.

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