How To Enable Spell Checker on Android and iOS Devices

Learn how to enable spell checker on your Android and iOS devices to avoid spelling and typos errors in your texts.

Do you often make spelling mistakes and typo errors in your texts and messages? If so, you may need to enable the spell checker on your Android or iOS device. The spell checker is a useful feature that can help you avoid spelling errors and typos in your text and also suggest corrections and alternative words.

However, the spell checker may not be enabled by default on your Android or iOS device. So, In this article, I will show you how to enable and configure spell checkers on both Android and iOS devices.

Why do you need a spell checker when you already have autocorrect?

But, you might be wondering why you need a spell checker when you already have autocorrect. Autocorrect is another feature that automatically replaces misspelled words with the most likely correct words as you type. However, autocorrect is not always accurate and can sometimes automatically change the words that you intend to type.

On the other hand, the spell checker does not automatically change your words, but rather underlines them and lets you choose the best option from a list of suggestions. This way, you can have more control over your spelling and avoid typos mistakes.

How To Enable Spell Checker on Android

After understanding the difference between auto-correct and spell-checker features, now it is time to see how to enable spell-checker on Android. To enable, follow these steps:

1. First, open Settings on your Android phone.

2. Then, search for Language & input in the search bar at the top and tap the relevant search result.

Language and input option

3. In Language & input settings, tap onSpell Checker.

Enable Spell Checker

4. Then, toggle on the switch next to Turn on spell checker.

Enable Spell Checker on android

And that’s it, this is how you can Enable Spell Checker on Android.

Enable Spell Checker on iOS Devices

1. First, open settings” on your iPhone and tap on the “general option.

iphone setting

2. After that, tap on the keyboard option, then on the next screen find the Check Spelling option and turn on the toggle next to it”.

Enable Spell Checker on iphone

And done. You have successfully enabled the spell checker on your iOS devices.

How To use the spell checker on Android and iOS

  • Type something in any app that supports a spell checker. Once you type it, you will see a red underline below the misspelled words.
  • To correct a misspelled word, tap on it and select one of the suggested words from the menu.
Enable Spell Checker


Spell checker is a useful feature that can help you improve your spelling and avoid mistakes in your texts. You can easily enable the spell checker on your Android or iOS device by following the steps given in this article. You can also use the spell checker along with autocorrect.

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