How To Call Someone Anonymously From Your Smartphone

This article teaches you how to call someone anonymously without showing your number. These methods work on both android and iPhone devices.

In today’s world, many people want to make calls anonymously to protect their privacy. Whether it’s for personal, business, or security purposes, users are looking for some ways on How to Call Someone Anonymously. Luckily, there are a few methods available that let you make calls without showing your number. These methods help protect your identity and keep your personal information safe.

In this article, we’ll teach you 4 different ways to call someone anonymously without showing your number. We’ll cover several different methods, like using special prefix codes before dialing, using third-party apps and websites that offer anonymous calling services, etc.

How To Call Someone Anonymously

Below are 4 methods to help you call someone anonymously. All these methods are working and safe to use.

1. Using A Special Prefix Code

The first method is to dial a specific prefix code before entering the recipient’s ten-digit number. The code blocks the caller ID from displaying your phone number on the recipient’s device. Below are the codes used for anonymous calling in different regions:

  • *67: Works with most mobile phones and landlines in North America, along with Canadian landlines.
  • #31#: Used on some North American mobile phones (e.g., AT&T) and certain Canadian mobile phones.
  • 141: Commonly used in the UK for both mobile phones and landlines.

Here’s how to use this code

1. First, open your phone’s dial pad and enter the specific prefix code according to your region. For example, if you’re calling from a North American phone, you’ll likely enter *67 before dialing the recipient’s number.

How To Call Someone Anonymously

2. Then enter the phone number after that code that you want to call anonymously.

How To Call Anonymously

Then, press the call button. Doing this will hide your number from the recipient’s screen.

2. Using Google Voice

How To Call Someone Anonymously

Google Voice is an application developed by Google that provides users with several features such as voicemail, call forwarding, receiving calls, and text messages etc. It gives users a secondary phone number, allowing them to hide their number and call anonymously.

Here’s how to use this application to call someone anonymously.

1. First, download the Google Voice application on your device. It’s available for both Android and iPhone users.

2. Then, Open the App. Now you’ll be prompted to create a new account. Enter your email address and password, and follow the instructions to create your new account.

3. Once you’ve signed into your account, you’ll be asked to choose your area code or city in the text box provided. From there, you can get a second number that Google Voice generates for you.

4. Then, Tap on the “Calls” icon and enter the phone number you want to call anonymously.

How To Call Someone Anonymously

4. Now, Press the call button to start the call. This will display your Google Voice number on the recipient’s caller ID instead of your actual number, allowing you to make anonymous calls.

3. Using Globefone

The Globefone is a website that offers multiple services, such as free calling and free SMS. Using this website, you can make anonymous calls to anyone worldwide. Globfone is completely free to use and you don’t have to install any software or go through a registration process.

To use this website follow the steps below.

1. First, go to the globefone website and click on the “call” option.

How To Call Anonymously

2. After that, enter your name and click “Next”.

How To Call Someone Anonymously

3. On the next page, select the receipt country, enter his phone number, and then click on the “call” button.

How To Call Someone Anonymously

Now, the website starts calling the person anonymously using a random number, and your original number will be hidden.

4. Using Settings on Android & iPhone

Both Android and iPhone devices allow you to make anonymous calls by using the “Hide Your Number” or “Hide Caller ID” settings. To do so follow the steps below.

For Android

1. First, open your Android Phone app, tap on the three dots, and, click on the “Settings” option.

How To Call Anonymously

2. In the settings menu, you will find the “Caller ID and Spam” option. Click on that.

How To Call Someone Anonymously

3. After that, click on “Additional Settings.” and, choose “Hide My Number” from the dropdown menu.

How To Call Someone Anonymously

For iPhone

  • Open your phone’s settings app and click on the “Phone” option.
  • Then, select “Show My Caller ID.”
  • Now, toggle the switch off to hide your caller ID.
How To Call Someone Anonymously


Keeping your privacy safe is important nowadays when everything is so connected. Learning how to make anonymous calls adds more security. By using the methods above, you can easily call anyone without showing your number.


1: Is it illegal to make anonymous calls?

In most cases, making anonymous calls is not illegal. However, using anonymous calls for illegal activities is prohibited.

2: How to call anonymously online?

There are many websites available that you can use to call someone anonymously. Globephone is one of the best websites and safe to use.

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