Earn $100- $150 From Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment.

Many People Wants To Earn Money With Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment. So, I Have Shared A Best Data Entry Jobs With Websites.

Are you looking for sites that provide online data entry jobs without investment? on the internet and haven’t found a good website that offers this? And now, you have landed on this article? So this article is very helpful for you.

So, today in this guide I will share with you some top and trusted websites through which you can earn $100-$150 online. Yes, you read it right, in this article, you are going to see top websites providing data entry jobs through which you can earn money.

Skills and Tools Required to Do Online Data Entry Jobs

  • Fast and correct typing skills
  • Basic computing skills
  • Experience in working with Word processing, database, and performance software
  • A good working computer with a high-speed Internet connection
  • A complete resume showing your related skills and experience

What Is Data Entry Jobs?

A data entry job is one of the greatest ways to get some additional revenue by working part-time from the convenience of your home.

However, locating data entry work is one of the most challenging tasks. You can find Lots of advertisements daily in newspapers or on the internet that demand to provide you with data entry jobs but only a few of them are trusted.

So I considered taking my experience to discover good data entry jobs and the Best Websites By Which You Can Find These Jobs. So that you will not spend your time exploring & doing it.

Top 7 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment.

1. Data Entry Clerks

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Data Entry Clerks ensure special methods for completing various constant clerical jobs like indexing documents in an alphabetical file, posting to specific accounts, calculating and posting to departmental accounts, coding, etc.

You must have a High School and 2 years of work experience. You also must be close with a variety of office software, especially MS Office. Data entry clerks can also earn up to $15 per hour From This Online Data Entry job.

Read Our Full Article So, You can easily find these types of jobs. I have written Brief Details below about the best websites From Where You Can Find These Jobs.

2. Copy & Paste Job

As the title says you have to copy content from one file and paste it to another file after doing some formatting.

You will be reforming a PDF file into a Word Document. Excel to Word, Word to Excel. Content can be text, numbers, letters, and all other sorts of data.

Normally, you have to copy-paste more than 10,000 words per file. In some copy-paste jobs, you also have to copy and paste data fields like Name, Address, phone number, and email into database series like MS Access, Oracle, etc.

Read Our Full Article So, You can easily find these types of Jobs Without Investment below. I have written Brief Details below about the best websites From Where You Can Find These Jobs.

3. Converting Image to Text

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

You will be given image files which are a screenshot of a topic that includes medical vocabulary. You have to read from images and write them down in MS Word. A paragraph can be 100 – 150 words long. You have to convert such images into text format.

Here skill is very important because words are mainly medical vocabulary and not normal English. Usually, data entry companies require 99.99% accuracy. So, you have to be very careful.

For converting one image file into text format you get $3 – $4. If you convert 25 – 30 such files in a day then you can easily $80 – $100 a day.

Read Our Full Article So, You can easily find these types of Online Data Entry Jobs below.

4. Converting Audio to Text

Here you have to convert audio files into text format. You listen to audio files and type them into a Word document.

You will need great listening skills because considerably usually voice is not clear and may contain many specialized languages. Typing speed is also very important if you want to complete a great number of files daily.

You can call it a transcribing job but it is different than a medical transcriptionist because videos do not include medical language. You can earn over $5 per file.  

5. Captcha Solving

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

You already know what Captchas are, they are images including texts, numbers, and alphanumeric characters used to fill a field given below in order to stop spamming.

For doing one Captcha file you get paid just 1 to 2 cents. In order to earn a suitable amount of money, you have to solve thousands of Captchas daily.

If you solve one Captcha in 3 seconds and work for 7 hours then you can easily earn up to $150 daily which is more than $15 per hour. But, you will need a lot of patience and skill to earn this much money.

6. Data Formatting Jobs

Formatting jobs include less typing and more formatting. In a common formatting job, you will be asked to format content in a Word document. You have to do things like ordering the text into paragraphs, aligning them, creating bulleted lists, sections, fonts, etc. 

Another example is formatting a long form that contains various departments like name, email ID, phone number, etc. You will be asked to eliminate gaps and align them properly.

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment workers have to format hundreds of files daily to earn $10 – $12 per hour.

7. Web Content Writing

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

You have to write simple articles for websites and blogs. Articles are very subjective, too generic, and don’t require any analysis. They are very easy to write.

For an experienced writer, an online writing job is like typing grammatically accurate sentences. For 1000 words web content writers earn $30 – $40.

Top Websites Where You Can Find These Jobs

1. Fiverr

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

There are thousands of people who are earning money from Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment with the help of Fiverr. You can join Fiverr & list your skills as a data entry worker so that people can find you and hire you.

You can earn $5 for each job you do on Fiverr. So when you join Fiverr & create your listing then create it like this “I will do a 1-hour data entry job for you for just $20” by joining more descriptions in the details.

And if somebody needs to hire you for 4 hours, he will pay you $80. On average, you can earn Rs.20,000+ from Fiverr.

2. UpWork

Odesk and Elance are now known as Upwork. Upwork is one of the best job sites for data entry and other types of freelancing jobs. so, Join here For Upwork And Start earning with this Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

You are only asked to register as a freelancer for free so that you can access and apply for a broad category of data hourly and fixed-price data entry jobs. You need to join Upwork.com to get started & then add as many details as you can to your profile so that people can see your profile & choose to work with you.

3. PeoplePerHour

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

PeoplePerHour is an association of talented freelancers who are waiting to do any type of work for a reliable requester. If you have data entry jobs, for the case, you need to tell the PeoplePerHour team what you need to do so that proper freelancers can be suggested.

Freelancers, on the other hand, look for jobs that are on suggestion depending on their skills, locations, and job categories. They pay a down payment and demand a proposal if they are interested. This way, requesters are qualified to meet the freelancers they need for their data entry jobs.

So, Simply Register Here And Join PeoplePerHour Create your profile There, And Start Earning.

4. 2Captcha

This company might be giving you the easiest online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment to earn money from the Internet. That’s right, you get paid to do CAPTCHA solving. You can’t get any easier than that. If for some reason you don’t know what CAPTCHA is you have to type to log in to a website. This is how it looks:

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

You can earn money by solving these CAPTCHAs. The value of money you can earn depends on how many CAPTCHAs you can solve. But don’t set your expectations too high. This type of work can’t load your pouches with money.

So you will earn less if there is a large number of people solving them at that time. You can also earn more by referring your friends to the system. Apply for 2Captcha HERE.

5. Freelancer

Freelance employment has a passion for freelancer.com. This is remarkably so after freelancers obtained Scriptlance the other day to become an even bigger freelancing platform than before.

Here, you need to put bids on the data entry jobs you find proper to your skills and competencies and start working as soon as you hit a deal with the appropriate requester. The open job search engine on the site allows freelancers to obtain all jobs available depending on several search criteria. Apply For Freelancer


So, If You Have Read The Full Article Then You have learned How To Earn Money With These Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment. I Have Shared All The Online Data Entry Jobs And Websites From Where You Can Earn Some Money.

If You Have Any Question Regarding This Topic Then Comment Down Your Questions And I Will Try To Solve Them.

People Asked Questions:-

Q1. Does online data entry job daily payment?

Ans:- If You Work Daily Upto 5-7 Hrs Then You Can Easily Earn Up to $100- $150 daily.

Q2. How can I learn data entry online for free?

Ans:- One of the best methods to learn data entry is within an online course. These courses, connected with distant job roles, make the profession available to anyone with a computer and a good internet connection.

Q3. Are online jobs genuine?

Ans:- Most Trustworthy online jobs like paid-to-click, Survey Jobs, and Blogging don’t need you to spend money in the beginning. These Types Of Websites Are Genuine

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