8 Best WeTransfer Alternatives To Share Files Online For Free

Looking for the WeTransfer alternatives for file sharing? In this article, we have added 8 best WeTransfer alternatives that you should try.

WeTransfer is a popular online service that allows you to send large files to anyone for free. However, it has some limitations, such as a 2 GB file size limit, a 7-day expiration period, and a lack of encryption. If you are looking for alternatives to WeTransfer that offer more features, security, and flexibility, then you are the right article.

Here, In this article, we have shared some of the best WeTransfer alternatives that allow you to share files online for free. Now, without any further delay, let’s take a look at the best free WeTransfer alternatives in 2024.

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8 Best WeTransfer Alternatives

Below is the list of the Top 8 WeTransfer alternatives you can use to share files online. These services offer various features, such as large file size limits, enhanced security, etc. You can find the best service among these WeTransfer alternatives.

1. Smash

Best WeTransfer Alternatives

Smash is a large file-sharing service that allows you to send and share files of any size and type without requiring a login. It uses 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to encrypt files stored on its servers.

Unlike WeTransfer, which allows free users to send files up to 2GB, Smash lets you send files of any size. Smash claims to have handled files as large as 350GB. Just remember, that if you send files larger than 2GB over Smash, it may take longer to transfer.

2. Toffee Share

Best WeTransfer Alternatives

ToffeeShare is another one of the top alternatives to WeTransfer. Unlike other file-sharing services that come with limitations like file size restrictions and security, ToffeeShare is a service that allows the user to share files privately and quickly without any size limits using their browser.

It uses peer-to-peer technology, which transfers files directly from their devices to the receiver without storing any data online. You can share files of any size, and only you and the receiver can access your files because your data is end-to-end encrypted as it uses DTLS 1.3 encryption.

3. SendBig

Send big- share files online

SendBig is one of the top WeTransfer alternatives. Unlike WeTransfer, which has some limitations, such as a 2GB file size limit, and lack of encryption, SendBig allows users to send and share large files up to 30GB for free without any registration or account required.

It has ISO 27001 certification, which is recognized as a high-level international certification for information security. However, if you want to send files that are automatically deleted from the server after the receiver downloads the file, you can use its SendBig Snap service.

4. Mega

Best WeTransfer Alternatives

Mega is another cloud storage service that allows users to securely store, share, and access files online. It is considered one of the most trusted and secure cloud storage services globally. In its free version, users are provided with a 20GB size limit, and it is necessary to create an account to share files via Mega. Additionally, Mega uses 256-bit AES standard encryption for better security.

5. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere- file sharing service

Send Anywhere is a cloud-based file transfer service that is recognized as one of the top alternatives to WeTransfer. In its free version, users can send files up to 10GB in size. You have the option to share the file using an email link or provide the receiver with a six-digit unique key. Then, the receiver can use this code on the website to access the files, which is valid for 48 hours.

Send Anywhere also offers fully functional apps for Android and iOS devices, Kindle, as well as desktop applications compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices. Additionally, it provides a Chrome Extension, WordPress plugin, and more.

6. Dropbox

Dropbox - wetransfer alternative

Dropbox is a well-known cloud-based file storage and sharing service that enables users to securely store files, documents, photos, and videos in the cloud. In the free plan, it offers 2GB of storage space. Using Dropbox, users can easily upload files to their cloud storage and share them with others by creating shareable links or inviting specific users to access folders or files.

When it comes to security, Dropbox uses AES 128-bit standard encryption for stored files on the server and uses the TLS protocol for transmission.

7. Transfer Now

Best WeTransfer Alternatives

TransferNow is another web-based file-sharing service that allows users to send and share large files up to 5 GB in size. With Transfer Now, you can either transfer files via email or generate a shareable link for easy sharing.

You can also apply a password to protect the files you share. The files stored on their cloud are protected with AES-256 encryption. Additionally, TransferNow provides dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms.

8. WeSendIt

WeSendIt - Fire sharing service

WeSendIt is another excellent alternative to WeTransfer for sharing files online. It enables users to share files up to 2GB in size without any registration. WeSendIt uses the AES 256-bit encryption standard during data transfer, ensuring that the data stored on their servers are safe and secure.

You can share the files through email or public links according to your needs.


So, that’s it. These are the top 8 WeTransfer alternatives available that you can use for easy online file transfers. If you find this article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends as well.

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