WhatsApp starts testing Meta AI chatbot for selected users in India

WhatsApp has started testing the Meta AI Chatbot with selected users in India. Read this article to learn all about this feature.

WhatsApp has been testing a new Meta AI chatbot with a selected group of users in India to enhance the Whatsapp experience. Some Indian users can now see the Meta AI icon on their WhatsApp chat screen.

Many users have reported seeing the Meta AI chatbot appear on their WhatsApp chat feed, just above the (+) chat icon. On iPhones, the Meta AI icon appears on the search bar at the top of the app.

By tapping on it, users can access the AI chatbot. This will open the Meta AI chat window, where users can type in prompts to ask questions, search for something, or request image generation.

WhatsApp Meta AI chatbot

Meta AI uses the company’s Large Language Model, also known as Llama. This is an advanced artificial intelligence system created by Meta. It also uses Microsoft’s Bing search engine to provide accurate search results with links to the sources.

The feature was first available only in the United States but now seems to be expanding to India. Even after updating to the latest version of WhatsApp Beta, I didn’t get the feature, so it may be a server-side update.

To use this feature, you can try updating WhatsApp to the latest version from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

After trying Meta AI on WhatsApp, I found it to be a fun experience. Besides chatting, I can now use the AI chatbot to create funny images and share them with others. I can also ask it some questions, etc.

What do you think about Meta AI being added to WhatsApp? Have you received it yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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