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Are you looking for a Contra game download link but after reading many articles you haven’t found any working download link yet? Now, you landed on this article. Then you are in the right article. In this article, I have provided the latest and working download link of the Contra game.

Contra Game is a game combination of two genres Shooting and Warfare, created and published by Konami Gaming Company. This game is an arcade game served on 20 February 1987. A shooting game that you can play at home and the game was published for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Contra game itself has a multiplayer mode that you can both play together, with the first player playing as Bill and the second player playing as Lance.

Contra Gameplay

Contra uses a variety of play possibilities, including a standard side view, a pseudo-3D view (in which the player shoots and moves toward a background other than left or right), and a fixed screen format. (which includes the player’s gun aimed upwards by default). Up to two people can play together in Contra Game Download, one player as Bill and the other as Lance.

The player can shoot in any of eight directions, including downward while jumping. Pressing the joystick down while standing will cause the character to lie on his stomach, allowing him to avoid enemy fire and shoot fewer targets.

The player’s default weapon is a rifle with unlimited ammo that can be upgraded to one of four other guns. These can be collected by destroying pillbox sensors and flying item containers holding them, or by defeating red-clad defenders in enemy positions.

There are also two additional power-ups that are only generated in certain areas when the character is equipped with their default gun: a faster bullet upgrade that improves the firing speed of gunshots and a bar that gives the character a limited duration.

Stages of Contra Game Download For Pc

The arcade version of the Contra game consists of seven stages:

The 1st stage:- It is a side-scrolling level where the player is released into the jungle and must defend off the enemy’s initial line of defense until he enters the entrance of the first base, where he must kill a large enemy to enter the base.

The 2nd stage:- where the player must battle his way through a series of passageways inside the base before time runs out. The player must destroy a generator on the other side of each way in order to deactivate the electric current restricting access.

The 3rd stage:- It is set in the center of the base on a fixed screen, where the player must finish the enemy’s defense system in order to present the final destination, a giant eyeball that shoots fireballs.

The 4th Stage:- It is a vertically-scrolling level where the player must jump their way to the top of a waterfall until entering the opening of the second base, where the player must destroy a large diamond-shaped sensor secured by a defense system in order to clear the stage.

The 5th Stage:- It is another 3D stage set inside another base.

The 6th Stage:- It is another boss battle, this time facing a combination of heads that split into two images each. The heads can only be destroyed when their split images align together.

The 7th and final stage:- It turns to the side-scrolling format of the first stage, as the player battles through the enemy’s final series of defense (which involves a hovercraft, invulnerable trucks, and large helmeted soldiers) while moving through areas such as a snowfield, an energy plant, and a hangar, to finally reach the alien’s lair, where the regular enemy soldiers are replaced with mysterious creatures. The player must battle a giant alien head that produces worms from its mouth before entering the final target, a cardiac creature that must be killed in order to complete the mission.

Screenshots Of Contra Game:

Contra Game Download
Contra Game Download
Contra Game Download

Contra Game Download link:-

How To Install Contra Game On PC

  • Download the setup file from the above-given link.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Open the Downloaded folder.
  • Read the “Readme” documents for How to Install And Play.
  • Play and enjoy the classic game.

How to Play the Contra Game on Windows PC:

Player: 1

  • UP – UP Arrow Key
  • Down – Down Arrow Key
  • Left – Left Arrow Key
  • Right – Right Arrow Key
  • Select – D
  • Start – F
  • Button A – S
  • Button B – A

Player: 2

  • UP – Num 8
  • Down – Num 2
  • Left – Num 4
  • Right – Num 6
  • Select – Num 7
  • Start – Num 9
  • Button A – Del Key
  • Button B – Num 0

Press the key you want to use (exclude F1 to F12 keys)

  • F1 – Back
  • F2 – Default
  • F3 – Previous
  • F4 – Next

Useful Keys:

  • AlT +Enter – Toggle full-screen mode
  • Alt + X – Quit Emulator
  • Shift + 1-9 – Quick Save State in Slot #1-9
  • Alt + E – Take a Screenshot
  • 1-9 – Quick Load State from Slot #1-9
  • Shift + P – Pause

Configuration PC Keyboard:

  • Cursors – Movements
  • Fire – Z
  • Jump – X
  • Select – Enter


So, now you have got the answer to your question which you are searching on Google Contra Game Download For PC. I have added the latest working download link which you can easily download on your PC.

If you have any problems installing the contra game on your PC just read the readme file in the downloaded folder or you can comment on your problem and I will try to solve it. Thank you.

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