Instagram is Testing Flipside: A New Feature to Share Privately

Instagram is testing a feature called Flipside, which lets you create a secondary photo grid that is only visible to selected people/friends.

Instagram is testing a new feature that could make sharing personal content with a selected group of friends easier. The feature is called Flipside. It allows users to create a secondary photo grid on their profile that is only visible to the people/friends they choose.

The flipside is similar to the concept of “finstas,” where users maintain a separate, more private account in addition to their main public profile. However, unlike Finsta, Flipside is linked to the user’s primary account, and it will appear as an alternative account on their existing profile. It can be accessed by swiping down on their profile.

According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, he wrote a reply on the thread, stating that “Flipside is an experiment that aims to create a clear space that feels more private for users. On the other hand, it’s yet another way to reach a smaller audience on top of secondary accounts and Close Friends.” He also mentioned that the feature is not guaranteed to launch publicly, as the company is still testing how users respond to it.

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How is Flipside different from Close Friends?

Flipside is different from Close Friends because it only allows users to share stories and posts with a smaller audience. But, with Flipside, users can create a separate list of friends and post content that will only appear on their secondary grid. If users want to know whether they have access to someone’s Flipside, they can do so by checking for a key icon in their grid.

The Flipside was first spotted in November last year and was shared on X by the famous developer Alessandro Paluzzi. As per the tweet, he explained that Flipside refers to “a new space just for you and your friends” where “only the people you choose can see this side of your profile and what you share here.”

The Flipside feature is currently in the testing phase and is not available to all users. Instagram has not announced when or if the feature will be rolled out globally.

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