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If You Are Looking For Some Tips & Tricks To Increase Jio Speed? on The Internet And Haven’t Found Any Tricks And Now, You Have Landed On This Article? Then This Article Is Very Helpful For You.

In this Guide, You Are Going To See Full Information On How To Increase Jio Speed. This Post Is Very Useful For Those Who Are Suffering From Slow Internet And Always Searching For How To Increase Jio Internet Speed And Don’t Find Any Solutions For Slow Internet Problems.

This Post Is Very Useful. All The Methods Or Tricks Shared In This Post Are 100% Working And Tested By Many Users & Also Tested By Me Personally. These All Methods or Tricks Will Definitely Work For You.

How To Increase Jio Speed?

Before Proceeding To The Solution Of How To Increase Jio Internet Speed, First Of All, You Need To Check The Maximum Internet Speed Available On Your Area Because In Areas The Maximum Speed is Recorded As 740 Mbps And In Some Areas, The Speed is Recorded As 5 Mbps.

How To Increase Jio Speed

As you Can See Above My Jio Internet Speed is 3 Mbps. To Check The Jio Internet Speed You Can Use To Methods:

1. Using Internet Speed Checker

  1. Go To This Link Internet Speed Checker
  2. Click on Go
  3. Wait Sometimes And It Will Show Your Jio Speed

2. Using Speed Metre Lite App

  1. Download Speed Metre Lite From Here
  2. Open Any Video From Youtube and Change The Quality To High
  3. Check Your Jio Speed In Top Of Your Mobile Notification Bar

Methods To Increase Jio Speed

Below I have posted 5 possible methods to Increase Jio Internet Speed. Read the complete post, do the required steps, and at the conclusion of the post you can get the highest network speed available in your area.

Trick 1: Changing APN Settings

You can edit the APN settings to increase the speed of your Jio internet. It is recommended to note down the current settings in case something goes wrong. To Change The APN Settings Try These Below Steps.

1. Go To Setting Option On Your Phone.

2. Then Go To Sim Card & Mobile Networks option.

3. Now, Tap on Your Jio Sim Settings.

4. There You Will See An Option “Access Point Names Or APN”, and Click On It.

5. Click on create New APN settings then enter the following APN as mentioned below.

ProxyNo Changes
PortNo Changes
Username Jio4G
PasswordNo Changes
MMSCNo Changes
MMS ProxyNo Changes
MMS PortNo Changes
MCCDon’t change
MNCDon’t change (both these are our area codes so don’t change the numbers)
Authentication TypePAP
APN ProtocolIPV4 / IPV6

6. After Putting These Settings Click On Menu & Then Click On Save. After That Restart Your Device. Now, You Will Notice That your Jio Speed Has Increased.

Trick 2: Locking Jio 4g Speed To Band 40

The band is a network frequency at which a network service provider gives connections to its users. Several network providers use different bands. Jio offers 4G bands on Band 3, Band 5, and Band 40.

This should give you a short idea of how the band actually works :

Best Speed : Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40
Best Coverage : Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

Follow My Steps To Increase The Jio Speed

1. Open Your Dialpad And Dial *#*#4636#*#*

2. Now, from the given options, Select Phone Information.

3. There You Will See An Option Select Preferred Network Type.

How To Increase Jio Speed

4. In The Drop Down List, Select LTE Only.

How To Increase Jio Speed

Now You Have Successfully Change The Network Type. Restart Your Device And Then Check Your Jio Speed.

Steps To Increase Jio Speed For Qualcomm processor

1. First Of All, Download Shortcut Master (Lite) From Here.

2. After Installing The Application Go To The Menu And Click On the Search Option.

3. Type “Service Menu” or “Engineering Mode” and click search.

4. After Search Opens, Search For Access To Change LTE Bands And Click Save Settings.

Steps To Increase Jio Speed For MediaTek processor

1. First You Have To Install “MTK Engineering Mode” From Playstore.

2. After Installing Open The App And Go To “MTK Settings”.

3. Now Select the “Band Mode” Option And Select The SIM Slot Where You Have to Insert Your Jio Sim.

4. Then Select “LTE Mode” And Select Band 5 For Best Coverage And Band 40 For Best Speed.

5. Save Settings And Restart Your Device To Activate Changes And Increased Your Jio Internet Speed.

Trick 3: Using Internet Speed Booster And Optimizer App

The internet Speed booster and Optimizer app is a helpful app and works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. This app restricts the background data usage of some apps so that you can use the maximum speed possible. This doesn’t harm your device. Follow the steps below and increase Internet speed.

1. First Of All Download The Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer App From the Given Link Below.

[ Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer App ]

2. Enable the profile option “Non-Root-User” if your device isn’t rooted, and if you’re using a rooted device then enable the “Root User” option.

3. Now, You Have Completed The Steps And You Don’t Have To Do Anything Just Leave The App Running In The Background.

4. This App will increase Jio Internet speed in a few seconds and You will get the maximum browsing and downloading speed available in your area.

Trick 4: Increase Jio Speed Using VPN

VPN Is The Best Option If You Want To Increase Your Jio 4g Internet Speed. Follow My Below Steps To Increase Your Jio Internet Speed.

1. First Of All, Download Any VPN From Two Of These VPN masters Or Snap VPN From The Playstore.

2. After Installing Open The Application.

3. Then After Opening the App Set The Server To India Country And It Will Take Up To 10 Seconds To Connect, Sometimes It Will Connect In 3-4 seconds Only.

4. After Connecting To The Server, You’ll Check That The Download Speed Has Hit The Maximum Speed In a Few Seconds.

[ NOTE ] If The Internet Speed Isn’t Improved Then You Can Try Changing The Other Country Servers Like the Netherlands, USA Etc. This Should Definitely Increase Your Jio Speed.

How To Increase Jio Speed? Conclusion

By the conclusion of this post, I expect that your Jio 4g speed is improved. I have provided some possible tricks on How To Increase Jio Speed that I found to be working and so sharing them with you.

After using the above tricks some users got up to 100MB Internet speed which is also the highest speed obtainable in their area. You can try it yourself and comment on which trick worked for you and how much speed you’re getting.

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